Friday, June 21, 2013

Chapter 32: Assaulted

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Violence, FYI

~ Late Knight Simmer ~

Did the Compound ever find out that you didn't have any interest in being intimate with a woman?

Well... that's a hard question to answer. I was sexually assaulted by someone whom I'd least expected to be breaking the rules. To this day, I can't explain why he did it. The aftermath of that experience led to the misinterpretation of a situation that was completely innocent and was blown entirely out of proportion. They never actually asked me flat out if I preferred men over women, but I'm fairly certain that after this situation, they just assumed that I did.

Camo comes back to his and Titanium's room and sees Titanium sitting on the floor crying. He makes his way over to Titanium and stays close to him.

"Titanium? It's Camo. What's the matter?"

"Camo? Hug me."

Camo is confused, but he fulfills Titanium's wish and hugs him. Titanium cries into Camo's shoulder, his tears soaking into Camo's tshirt. Camo is really concerned about him because he's never seen him this sad before. Camo knows nothing bad happened between he and Absolon because he knows that the last time Titanium saw Absolon was when Camo brought them to Verona's house after they got back from Egypt. Titanium seemed fine after that visit.

"Camo, it was awful. Barry made me have sex with him."

"What the fuck? Did you tell anyone? You know how we're not supposed to have sex anywhere else but the Intimacy Room, he'd get in trouble for it."

"Yeah, but what about me? I feel like I'd get in trouble too because that's just how messed up this place is. It doesn't matter if I am right or not, the fact that I was involved in it automatically means I get in trouble too."

Camo looks down sadly at Titanium and knows he's right. There's no reasoning with The Leader and it is the norm here for both parties breaking the rules to be thrown into Isolation. He's angry because Barry is going to get away with it. Suddenly he has an idea.

"Titanium, what if I told The Leader that it happened to me? Barry would get what he deserved, and you'd get some sense of justice."

"No, I don't want you to have to go in Isolation. It's horrible, Camo! They feed you once a day for a week. You have to sleep on the floor with a single thin blanket. I don't want you to do that! I care about you too much. You could die! Don't! I don't want to lose you! Justice isn't that important if I lose you in the process."

Titanium freaks out and grabs Camo's shirt in a desperate plea to get him to release that idea from his mind. He hugs him tighter and cries harder.

"Shh, it's okay, I won't. I just thought I'd see how important it was to you that Barry get in trouble, but it's clear to me that my well being is more important to you, so I won't do it. It's okay."

Meanwhile... Barry walks past Titanium and Camo's door and sees them in an embrace. Barry grins to himself and pulls out his walkie talkie. A few minutes later, Camo's walkie talkie goes off and The Leader's voice comes over it.

"Camo and Titanium, please come to the Announcement Desk."

Camo hands Titanium a tissue so he can clean his tears off his face, and changes into a dry shirt. He looks at Titanium to make sure he's composed enough to leave their room. It probably won't be good for The Leader to see him crying. They make their way over to the Announcement Desk and are greeted with the clipboard that holds the papers for Isolation. Titanium grabs the back of Camo's shirt, and Camo gets annoyed with The Leader.

"What the hell? We didn't do anything."

"Contrary to popular opinion, Camo, you did. Someone saw you and Titanium hugging each other in what looked to be an extremely intimate way. That's a big no-no. You know you're not supposed to be intimate in any place other than the Intimacy Room. However, this is more severe than just engaging in intimacy outside of the Intimacy Room. This is that plus engaging in intimate acts with someone of the same gender. You are both going to be put in Isolation with additional punishment."

"Fuck you. I was comforting him. There was NO intimacy going on. I just hugged him!"

"Why did he need to be comforted?"

"He was sad."

"He shouldn't be sad, this house is perfect and he should have everything he needs. Sign here and write down the reason for your punishment. No more questions."

"Fuck you."

Camo walks away from the desk, Titanium quickly following him. The Leader sighs and opens one of the desk drawers that contain a number of syringes. He calmly goes over to Camo and stabs the syringe in Camo's neck, making Camo collapse instantly.

Titanium screams and rushes over to Camo, but The Leader swiftly pulls out another syringe and stabs Titanium in the neck as well.

Titanium collapses onto Camo, unconscious. The Leader then picks them up one by one and throws them in Isolation.

I will remember you
Will you remember me?
Don't let your life pass you by
Weep not for the memories

I'm so tired but I can't sleep
Standin' on the edge of something much too deep
It's funny how we feel so much but we cannot say a word
We are screaming inside, but we can't be heard

I will remember you
Will you remember me?
Don't let your life pass you by
Weep not for the memories

I'm so afraid to love you, but more afraid to lose
Clinging to a past that doesn't let me choose
Once there was a darkness, deep and endless night
You gave me everything you had, oh you gave me light

I will remember you
Will you remember me?
Don't let your life pass you by
Weep not for the memories

~ I Will Remember You by Sarah Mclachlan ~

Camo opens his eyes slowly and sees a single toilet in front of him. He looks up and sees a bare bulb hanging from the ceiling. He feels groggy and disoriented. He tries to get up, using the wall for support, but his knees give way and he falls over. Deciding there's really no point in standing up anyway, he sits back down on the floor and puts his head in his hands. He wonders how Titanium is doing, and hopes he's okay since Titanium has feared Isolation ever since he met him.


The door opens and Camo looks up, a strange man comes into the room. He shuts the door behind him, and pulls Camo roughly to his feet. Camo stumbles a little and glares at the man. He barely has time to react before a punch to the side of his face makes him fall down onto the cold tile. Pain radiates through his jaw line, and the man pulls him to his feet again, only to make him fall to the ground with another punch. After he pulls Camo to his feet, Camo questions his assailant.

"Why are you doing this?"

"Because you need to be punished. Boys should never be intimate with each other. It is wrong, and all those thoughts should be purged from your existence."

"I wasn't being intimate with him."

"Documentation says otherwise."

Camo is about to continue arguing, but another punch sends him hurtling to the ground again.

After thirty more minutes, which seem like a lifetime to Camo, the man punches him for the last time and roughly sets a bowl of soup and a glass of water in the room before leaving.


Camo lays on the floor, exhausted from his beating. His face is numb and he can't seem to see straight. He closes his eyes for a few minutes. Finally when he can see again, he notices the food next to the wall.

He crawls over to the food and eats it slowly, wincing when the spoon touches the cut on his lip. After a few more bites, he gets used to the pain on his mouth and finishes his dinner. He decides to sip his water slowly and keep it around in case he doesn't get any more for many hours. He puts the glass of water in the corner so he doesn't tip it over and unrolls the thin blanket, curling up in it. He cries into the blanket, thinking about Verona and how he wants to see her right now, imagining him snuggling with her in her bed, and how a simple touch from her makes him feel warm inside. He thinks about Titanium and hopes that he can make it through the week. Camo's thoughts go back to Verona and he knows he has to survive no matter how bad things get because he knows that he wants to see her again.

Titanium is huddled in the corner scared out of his mind, and he thinks he is losing it. His face hurts from being beaten and he's hyperventilating.

He hasn't been able to think as well as Camo has, and he's finished his water as well as his soup. He starts coughing because he's hyperventilating and his throat is dry. He hopes Camo is okay, but he's afraid Camo is having it worse than him because Camo mouthed off to The Leader.

No matter what he does, he can't stop the tears from coming down, and unfortunately he starts thinking about what Barry did to him. He thinks it's so unfair that Barry didn't get in trouble and he did. Why did Barry even do that to him? He thought Barry was someone who followed every rule with no exception. He was just in the library, reading a book while Camo was visiting Verona. Barry came over and said hi, so he talked to him. All of a sudden, Barry pushed him against the bookcase and told him to shut up.

Then Barry tried to kiss him. Titanium pushed him away and tried to leave, but Barry grabbed his shirt and removed his pants, touching him where he was uncomfortable. Barry made Titanium bend over, draping him over the chair he had been sitting on. Then Barry pushed inside him, groping the front of him the entire time with one hand, while grabbing his hair harshly with his other hand. At first Titanium struggled, but it hurt to do that, so he decided he had to stop squirming so he wouldn't hurt himself more than Barry was already hurting him.

Titanium crawls into the blanket and hugs himself. He wishes he'd had sex with Absolon first, and then he gets angry because Barry took that chance away from him. He gets scared that he might not make it through the week if he gets beat up again. He's never felt as strong as Camo, mentally or physically. He closes his eyes and tries to sleep because he's tired of crying. As he drifts off to sleep, he thinks of Absolon's pink eyes and how they sparkle when he looks at him.



  1. Omggg.. Some 'weclome home' they got after visiting Egypt.. :(
    WTF Barry!? Don't you ever tough my beautiful Titanium again! *snuggles with Titan*
    Poor guys.. I can't wait until someone like, kills the leader, and kills Barry, but of course tortures them first.
    I love how good of a friend Camo is. It's just awful that they got caught in a hug when Camo was comforting him and got sent to isolation anyways after Titanium just told him not to take the blame.. I hope Titanium gets some justice soon, that Barry fellow needs to fuck off and be beaten and left for dead somewhere.
    I hope Absolon sneaks in and slits his throat while sleeping or something. OMG I'm getting carried away. Hahaha
    Great Chapter, like always. :)

    1. Thanks. Ugh, I know, it was such terrible timing! Barry's such a douchebag that he'd go and tell on them. It is pretty ironic that Camo got sent there anyway after their whole discussion about avoiding it. The cult is very good at not listening to a goddamn thing you say, and even if you were right, it doesn't matter. It only matters if you agree with them. If you don't, you're good for nothing until they can mold you to their will, through insults and sometimes physical pain. Camo is an amazing friend, isn't he? I love his character.

  2. Holy. Shit. I want the leader to get his ass beat to a bloody palp. Poor titanium and Camo. Camo is such an awesome friend and was just comforting him. And wow about the barry situation. He needs an ass kicking also. This was an awesome chapter! One of my favorites I think, just because of all the drama, and how angry this chapter made me *which is a good thing to you as a writer* Wow. So when is the next chapter coming out? LOL

    1. Thank you. <3 LOL. There are sooo many evil things I want to do to The Leader and Barry. Camo is just an amazing person, and I love him a lot. I cried so much writing this and it was actually the first chapter I didn't want to proofread because I knew I'd just cry all over again, especially after adding pictures?! WAAAAAAAH! LOL. Uhhh, I don't know when the next chapter is coming out, LOL, I don't really have a plan. I don't want to wait so long though between chapters. I've been slowing down these days, and I kind of want to pick up speed again.

  3. OMG! Poor Titanium :(

    At least Camo was willing to try to get justice done.

    I hope this doesn't strain the relationship with Absolon too much considering this kind of assault can lead to couples splitting up :(

    1. Titanium is not having fun right now. Yes, Camo is an amazing friend, and he will always be there for Titanium. Well, if you remember the very first chapter, which is present day, Titanium and Absolon are still together, so there is no breaking up that will happen between them.

    2. I know, but it could still cause major trouble :(

    3. Ahh okay. :) It's sweet that you're concerned.

  4. Barry *narrowseyes* why is there always someone who will find a way to use even the most twisted rules to his own advantage? And drugging people and beating them up takes things to a whole new level as well.
    Just lovely.
    Somehow I can hardly wait to see what Charles is going to do about this... cause I am very sure that he will act as soon he finds out, no matter what a rocky time he may have himself atm *grinsgrimly*

    Awesome update Latenight! :)

    1. Thank you, anna!
      Barry is corrupted, like a bad file in a computer. He is very evil in that he will listen to everything The Leader says, and pretend he is the perfect resident. The Leader is willing to overlook things Barry does because he knows Barry is at his beck and call.
      The Leader is showing his true colors with this "additional punishment" he has given to Titanium and Camo. He's hoping they'll just bend to his will like everyone else in The Compound.
      Hmm I hadn't thought about what Charles might do, but you're right if he finds out about this, he's not just going to sit there and let his daughter's boyfriend be treated like this.

    2. Right, and I bet if he ever gets his little arse kicked about it he will blame it all on "his bad childhood" or the Leader´s bad influence *fakespuking*
      I just love how you build your story characters! Gives so many opportunities for the future development of this story *lol*

      And Charles, well, seems to have a very strong sense of justice, so I´d be surprised if he would not react. Unless, of course, he would not know

    3. LOL fake puking. Yes, lots of fake puking because of all the corruption. I think you're right, he would blame other people instead of taking responsibility. Thank you for the nice words. :) You are right, the only way Charles would do nothing is if he didn't know about it.

  5. LateKnight... wha? CAMO! TITANIUM! DAMN YOU BARRY! DAMN YOU TO HELL!!! Grrrrrr!!!! Barry has some serious issues assaulting two people (Zinfandel and now Titanium) then getting my precious boys in trouble UNCOOL DUDE!!! someone should Fuck Barry in ways unimaginable to us mere mortals! you know i'm pretty DAMN sure that they reserve a special place in hell for child molesters, rapists, Barry, and the Leader
    okay now to what I consider the happy parts of the update!
    I LOVE that Titanium was hoping that he and Abs would have sex! (ew.. I sound like a perv :/)
    Titanium was thinking about Abs's pink eyes!
    Camo stuck up for Titan and what that JackArse Barry did!!!
    like Anna I wounder what Charles will do but also what will Abs do? I mean the compound has done a lot of shity things to him (other that feed him)
    Okay Bye Love

    1. LOL I want to do evil things to The Leader and Barry. They're such corrupt and hateful people. Whaa is that it's a cult, so reality is fucked up in the place, and so is the sense of good and bad. Cults just want you to listen to them, even if what they tell you is wrong. They don't give a shit about you unless you listen to everything they say. That's why Camo and Titanium got in trouble, they were questioning things. It's supposed to be fucked up. LOL.
      Camo is an amazing friend and he cares a lot about Titanium. Since he knows Titanium is a lot weaker than him in terms of being brainwashed, he often watches out for Titanium.
      I don't know what Absolon will do. He will probably for sure hate The Compound even more than he already does, if that's possible. Who knows what Charles will do...

  6. WTF indeed! Barry?!

    Oh wow, Camo ready to step into the line of fire for his friend.

    Aw fucking-A! Barry you asshole!

    Time to fucking leave!
    If THIS is what they get for being friendly and trying to do the right thing, and The Leader wouldn't even care to listen to their side of the story! Hah! Oh, I'm so pissed off.

    And that was his other first time. Barry better watch his back cuz I don't think Absolon is going to take this without wanting to kill him. Hah! Barry ran there for his life in the first place. I wish those gang members would find him and beat the shit out of him.

    this was too short.... I wanna know what happens next.

    1. Barry's corrupt and an overall shitty person. He's only looking out for himself and he knows staying on The Leader's good side is good for him, so he's quick to tell on people and misinterpret situations. That's a cult for you, they don't listen to shit, they manipulate situations to what they want them to be, they just want you to say what they want to hear. If you don't do what they say and question their ways, they get mad at you and punish you, hoping to break you to their will. LMAO, Absolon will most definitely not be happy to hear his boyfriend was raped. Thanks for reading!!! =)

  7. GRRR !!

    I wanna kill that bastard!!!


    1. Barry and The Leader are the biggest turds in the universe. Ugh. I hate writing such corrupt people, but sadly, people who behave like that do exist. Thanks for commenting and reading.

  8. Wow, that was some seriously messed up shit, Titanium getting raped and then punished while Barry gets away with it.
    I hope they get out of that Compound soon!

    1. This place is fucked up. LOL. Everything that's right is wrong, and what's wrong is right, nothing is fair at all. They get out eventually so at least there's that. ;)

  9. My gods. If this doesn't secure in Camo's mind that he and Titanium need to leave there, I don't know what else could. They need to get to Verona and they need to get the police involved and get that sick facility burned to the ground.

    1. LOL this is the momentous turning point of the story. Everything else before was nothing compared to this, even though it was bad, this was worse. I wanted to have one giant terrible incident, and this was it.

  10. I think these are tears, real tears coming from my eyes! Okay, not really! But I'm upset enough! Poor Titanium! Barry is such a conniving ass! I can't believe this! And now their beating them! Camo is strong, I think he can take it. But Titanium is so fragile... oh my!

    1. It's all right... this chapter made me cry when I was writing it and I really hated seeing their faces all beat up like that. Taking pictures was... difficult. Barry is a jackass who just wanted to lord power over Titanium. Barry wanted The Leader to see him as his "perfect" recruit, so he reported Titanium and Camo. Titanium is very fragile, and this occurrence might set him back a little. :(

  11. "What the fuck?" That was my exact reaction while reading this chapter lol.

    Ugh Barry deserves to get his ass kicked...What the hell is wrong with him?!?! I mean he already sexually assaulted Titanium but then he goes off and reports him because he hugged Camo...What an asshole. I guess he just loves forcing people, just like he did with Zinfandel...Ugh! Where is the justice? Where is the logic? These people are insane!

    I understand how Titanium didn't want to see Camo get thrown into isolation but God dammit, wrong is wrong. He should've called the cops but oh wait...They can't even do that -_-

    "Fuck you." Don't worry Camo, I was thinking the same exact thing! Omg the leader is seriously sick! How does he think it's okay to sedate people. UGH! Someone come and punch this guy...He's insane!

    OMG I'm literally gasping at my computer screen right now...This was so crazy and exciting.

    They beat the crap out of them and they're supposed to be pure and kind and sweet...Wow. Someone needs to teach these bastards a lesson...Raid this crazy place or something, damn.

    1. LMAO, good, because that reaction is what a normal person should react when reading about such nonsense. XD

      Barry is... complicated. He wants to remain favorable in The Leader's eyes, and he doesn't care what he does or who he hurts to get there. He's selfish, and he enjoys seeing people suffer. Barry manipulated the situation so that Titanium wouldn't get a chance to tell The Leader that he assaulted Titanium. Barry knew that Camo has a way of giving Titanium courage, and reporting the two of them was his way of making sure his own well being was taken care of. Basically Barry's a giant asshole. LOL.

      Yeah, Titanium and Camo both didn't want to see each other suffer, but their friendship is strong enough that Camo was willing to take it because he knew it would damage him less than it would Titanium. Yup, here's where no cell phones come in handy. >:D

      The Leader is crazy, power hungry, and quite possibly delusional. LOL. I'm glad you enjoyed it. XD

      IKR? Contradictory. That's what cults are good at, but then again, it's all about obedience, no matter what the cost. They will do whatever it takes to make people obedient.


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