Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Chapter 8: Intimacy

*** Mild Nudity: Just an FYI ***

"Titanium? Are you ready for today's segment?"

It was so kind of Mrs. Balestrom to check on me to make sure I was okay with today's subject, which was about my very first time in the intimacy room.

"Yes, I am ready."

The Compound was very methodical about everything it made its residents do, including things like sex. How did you feel having so much of your life dictated for you?

Really weird. I never felt like I did anything because I wanted to, it was always what The Compound wanted me to do. The day I lost my virginity was not ideal. I was extremely nervous. I had no idea who I'd been paired up with because the Reproduction Schedule no longer listed names after The Leader found it easier to match us up by randomizing our resident numbers.

The room is poorly lit. A big bed sits in the middle of the room. There's a dresser and a hamper off to one side. A night stand sits next to the bed.

Titanium goes to the night stand and opens the drawer. There are several bottles of lubricant in it. There's a door leading to a small room within this one. Titanium opens it and finds that it contains a single shower. The main door opens and a purple woman walks in. She looks older than Titanium, but still youthful in her age. She has blonde hair and purple eyes. Titanium stands in place, not knowing how to react to her.

"Hello. My name is Abilene. You don't have to be nervous. I've done this before. This is your first time, isn't it?"

The woman speaks first and raises her arm to show him her name. Titanium smiles, still feeling really nervous despite Abilene's kindness.

"How did you know?"

Abilene walks over to Titanium and takes his arm gently in hers, tickling his forearm while tracing the letters that are tattooed there.

"Well, Titanium, there have been many young boys like you who I've been paired up with. They react in one of two ways, extremely horny, or extremely nervous, like you."

Abilene puts her hands on Titanium's waist under his shirt and lifts it off him. He shivers, partly from his nervousness, and partly because of the temperature of the room.

"Oh, you're cold. Let me change that."

Abilene walks over to the thermostat and turns the temperature up a few degrees. Then she walks over to Titanium and softly rubs his shoulders, taking her time. She's obviously enjoying touching him. Abilene moves her hands up and down Titanium's arms trying to warm him up. She stands close to him and kisses his cheek, then his jawline, then his neck. Abilene strips down to her underwear and takes Titanium's hand, leading him to the bed. She motions for him to lay down. Then she sits close to him and puts her hand on his back.

"You can kiss me too, Titanium. Don't be shy."

Abilene leans close to Titanium and starts kissing his neck and chest. Titanium really doesn't want to do this, but he knows he has to or he'll be punished, and that's the last thing he wants. He presses his lips to Abilene's cheek. She turns her face and his second kiss lands on her lips. Abilene plays with Titanium's mouth and gently parts his lips with her tongue. He doesn't respond right away but then she feels him kiss her back.

"Mm, your muscles are very nice, Titanium."

"Um.. thanks."

 Abilene straddles Titanium and takes her time undoing his pants. She slides them off and sits on his groin. She leans down and kisses his chest, running her fingers through his hair. Titanium is really uncomfortable, despite the sensitivity he feels in his underwear. Abilene takes Titanium's arm and licks his wrist, moving his hand and putting it on her breast. Even though she's still wearing a bra, she looks turned on.

"You can massage my chest with your hand, like this."

Abilene touches her other breast to demonstrate. Titanium does as she requests and rubs her chest. She reaches behind her and unhooks her bra. Titanium takes his hand off her momentarily as she tosses her bra away. She nods towards him to let him know he can resume his massage.

"Is there anything you want, Titanium?"

"Um.. I'm not sure. Can you try maybe not sitting on me?"

Abilene lays next to Titanium and puts her hand on his butt, rubbing it while she tries to turn him on by putting herself really close to him. Titanium puts his hand around Abilene and tries kissing her again. She lets out a soft moan of pleasure and pulls him close. Abilene moves her hand to the front of Titanium's body and touches his nipples. She slides her hand into his underwear and rubs him.

"You feel nice, Titanium."

Abilene takes Titanium's underwear off and continues touching him. She puts her tongue in his mouth again and he kisses her back, not quite sure where to put his other hand. He decides on putting it around her waist.

"You're such a gentleman. Most of the young first time boys were touching everything on me, perhaps even going a little too fast."

Titanium smiles at Abilene. You don't know the half of it, he thinks to himself. He doesn't quite know how to feel because her touch is nice and soft, but he's not really getting turned on at all by her. Camo would probably be drooling all over her. Abilene gets up and brushes the hair out of Titanium's eyes.

"I'm going to try something else."

Abilene gets up and takes off her underwear, then resumes her place on the bed. She lays Titanium on his back and positions herself between his legs. She tickles his inner thigh with her tongue and then takes him into her mouth. Titanium looks up at the ceiling and suddenly feels something down there. The warmth of her breath on him does feel good.

Abilene quickly takes this as her chance to finish this session and straddles Titanium again, this time with him fully inside her. She moves up and down while Titanium continues to look up at the ceiling. Suddenly he feels an extreme sensation that causes him to let out a loud moan. Abilene continues her movements and then she too lets out a moan. She's breathing heavily and sweating a little. Abilene lays back down on the bed next to Titanium.

"How do you feel?"


Abilene smiles and laughs a little. She props her elbow on the pillow and looks at Titanium.

"Thank you for being a complete gentleman. Some of the other residents I've been with have not been so kind."

Titanium's eyes are closed, but he's still awake.

"You're welcome, Abilene. Um, thank you for being understanding. I know I probably wasn't the easiest guy to do this with."

Abilene touches Titanium's face.

"Aw, sweetie, I remember my first time, it was scary. I was with someone who was experienced, and he didn't try to help me through. He just got mad at me and it hurt."

Abilene's words touch Titanium and he sits up.

"Oh my berry, I'm sorry."

"You're a good guy, Titanium. Stay that way, okay?"

Titanium looks at Abilene laying there next to him. She is pretty, and he sees some sadness in her eyes.

"Do you want to shower first, or should I?"

"You can go on sweetheart. You did good."

Abilene smiles at Titanium again as he gets off the bed and heads to the shower.

Titanium walks up to the clinic desk to talk to the receptionist. He tells her his resident number and she crosses it off the Reproduction Schedule. She nods her head, letting him know he can go. Abilene comes up to the desk and does the same thing. Titanium looks back at Abilene talking to the receptionist. He thinks that he is lucky because as weird as the experience was, Abilene was very nice and he probably couldn't have gotten a better mate.

The next morning, Camo's first question to Titanium is about his experience.

"Well? Spill it. What did it feel like?"

"There was some pressure and then a release. I don't know, I can't describe it very well."

"Aww, that's ok. Was your partner pretty?"

"Yeah, she was. She was a skinny blonde girl. It wasn't her first time. I got really lucky. She was really nice and she kept things going. It wasn't as awkward as it could have been. I don't know what I would have done if the other person was uncomfortable as well."

"What did her boobs look like?"

"Oh Camo, you crack me up. Her boobs were, uh, medium sized, I guess, and she had purple skin. Sorry I'm not very good at judging boob size."

"You don't have to apologize to me, I understand you."

The Compound used its residents against each other while telling you that you were friends. Tell us a little about that.

The act of reporting another resident was another thing that seemed wrong to me, but that they insisted was okay. They told us that we would be helping our friends if we reported them.

Titanium and Camo walk into class and notice Zinfandel is already there, which is no big surprise except today instead of her usual stupid plastered grin, she is looking at her desk as if something's bothering her. Neither boy cares enough about her to ask.

"Welcome class. The Leader has given me the task of giving you walkie talkies today. We will be introducing you to reporting and your duty to this house. Any time you see a resident breaking one of the rules, it is your duty to report them."

"How are we supposed to stay friends with everyone if we spy on them all the time?"

"Camo, reporting them keeps them pure. If they are breaking the rules, it means they need help. If you let them keep going down the wrong path, they will become lost to us. You don't want your friends to become lost, do you?"


Titanium grows uneasy. He knows firsthand what it's like to be reported on, and it's not pleasant.

"The most important things to report are if you hear anyone talking about The Strangers, if you see anyone engaging in intimacy anywhere but the Intimacy Room, if you see anyone skipping class, and if you see anyone not attending the Weekly Gathering."

Surprisingly, Zinfandel has not spoken the entire class. After class, she is the first person out of the room. Camo and Titanium look at each other, curious about her weird behavior, but not wanting to talk to her. Zinfandel makes a beeline to her bedroom without uttering a word.

Absolon and I go outside to sit in the yard. Nighttime in Silicon Shores is perfect, there's always a cool breeze blowing and it's never too chilly. Absolon scoots closer to me, and we put our arms around each other.

"Remember our first time?"

"Why, yes I do. That's how I imagined sex should be, with someone I care about rather than complete strangers."

"You're such a romantic, Titanium...and I love you."

"I love you too."

CREDIT: Mypalsim's Poses for Sims 3


  1. I can not really make up my mind about this chapter... I wonder, is it still rape when someone is so friendly and careful about it like Abilene? :(

    1. I have no idea if it's rape. It might be borderline, but it's definitely questionable. The fact that he went along with it because he didn't want to be punished suggests that he did in fact go along with it, so it was consensual. I think the other argument could be he's not attracted to women, so he was sort of forced to have sex with a woman by The Compound. Then who raped him, the woman or The Compound? Abilene didn't know the real cause for his nervousness, so she thought she was just dealing with an extremely shy virgin. Really great comment! :)

  2. First of all "You're such a romantic, Titanium. But I love you." huh? Shouldn't it be AND I love you? LOL. Does he hold him being a romantic against him? ijs

    Yeah, that was... awkward. Really awkward, but it could've been much worse, like he said. In a way, I felt sorry for the woman too.

    1. Holy crap, mypalsim1, you are right. I missed that little word, it totally should be and. I read that last part again, and yeah, there's nothing Absolon is holding against Titanium. I was really tired when I started proofing this. Thank you so much for catching that!
      And yeah... totally awkward. There are many other ways it could have gone wrong, like he could have been outed if he couldn't go through with it and then gotten into some serious trouble, or he could have been forced (not that he wasn't technically forced by The Compound), but like really forced instead of being walked through it.
      Thanks for reading and commenting. :) And being nice about pointing out my silly error!

    2. Hehe, it was actually kind of funny, and if that's the only little error, then that's pretty good. :) (at least you didn't mistakenly put the wrong sim in a picture and not notice til two or three people point it out to you)

  3. Great update! Man, that had to be so awkward for Titanium.. I wonder if Camo is next. O_O I bet he would be the type of guy that Abilene talked about on how some guys want to move right into it so fast, haha! I really like Titanium and Absolon together, they're so cute. :)

    1. LOL! Camo probably would. I'm glad you like Titanium and Absolon. :D Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. I'm glad it wasn't truly awful for Titanium. Abilene was nice and helped him through it. But the whole thing was so awkward and sad, for both of them.
    I'm glad you ended with Absolon and Titanium talking about their first time, as a reminder that Titanium does eventually get real love and real sex. That probably sounds weird, but, you know what I mean. I hope. =P

    1. The Compound is great at making situations awkward and sad. It is also great at breaking people. I do know what you mean, and I couldn't think of a better way to end this chapter. :)

  5. I feel so sorry for Abilene! How nice and understanding she was despite of what she has been thru. What a sad and tragic situation, this was a really good chapter.

    1. Thank you! Abilene has been through a lot, but she's maintained her nice demeanor. This is a really messed up way to approach sex.

  6. I hope they get out of there soon. This is bad. I know he thinks it's because he has to, but it's so stale and horrible. A bad bad way to introduce intimacy. I am surprised that they actually allow privacy and don't monitor every little thing. :(

    1. Well, if they got out of there too soon, my story would be over. LOL. It's bittersweet right now, there's so much more story to tell, but so many more horrible things that happen. o_0 Their way of intimacy is the most fucked up way to introduce that in the world. The Compound has to have some balance. Remember that The Leader is pretending The Compound is a homeless shelter that helps people. The Leader wants new people to join, so he can't scare them off right away, or he'd never get any new residents. At the same time, he needs to control his existing residents. This is why there is some privacy allowed, with measures taken to ensure that monitoring still occurs. The Leader is conniving, so pitting residents against each other with the reporting function is his way of making his residents do his bidding.

  7. First thing I thought while reading this was "Damn, I hope they at least clean that room" lmao.

    This was a very...Erm, awkward chapter lol. You did a really good job at making the reader feel that way.

    I'm still wrestling with my mind, wondering if this was rape or not. I mean I guess not but still, they were somewhat forced. Abilene was very understanding, and her story was sad, she sounded like a girl being introduced to human trafficking... I can't imagine how she feels being used as a sex slave or "Reproduction slave"

    They keep talking about purity but nothing that they're doing is even remotely close to pure. A "pure" man or any man in his right mind doesn't force himself on a girl, Abilene's story was absolutely revolting. They're so worried about the people outside of The Compound yet they have low lives in The Compound too...Ugh!

    Poor Zinfandel seems scarred...I must read more.

    1. LOL that was an interesting thing to think. Yes, they have cult members clean that room after every session, that's what the hamper is for, for the clothes, and the bedsheets, pillowcases, towels from the bathroom. They don't want dirty environments, dirty meaning like soiled surfaces, that's why The Leader made Camo and Titanium clean the kitchen and the bathrooms as punishment that one day.

      Thanks so much for the compliment, LOL, this whole story is supposed to make people uncomfortable, so yay. XD

      Abilene is brainwashed, although she is kind, so she doesn't feel anything along the lines of being used. She thinks this is perfectly normal, just how life is. That's why she was trying her best to make Titanium as comfortable as he could be, one because she's a kind person, and two because she wants to reassure Titanium that this part of his life can be good and that he'll get used to it eventually.

      Heehee, the rules in The Compound are getting to you, aren't they? XD That's okay, my job as a good writer is done, if that's how you're feeling. LOL. They wouldn't know what pure looked like even if it punched them in the face, ROFL. Sadly, I find this very common in extremist people who preach purity. *rolls eyes*

      Something is definitely wrong with Zinfandel... >:D


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