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Hey! Welcome to the blog. I appreciate comments on any of the chapters, even if I wrote it a long ass time ago, I will always reply, as long as you're nice. =D 

Just a heads up, I tend to write R rated and mature content, so there will be lots of serious types of situations in this story.

Some Starting Notes

Hello. I'm LateKnightSimmer, and I write a lot of stories, LOL. My main story is Echoes of Eternity, but I also have a few others.

I've had this story idea rolling around in my head for a while. I couldn't get the writing style figured out however, so there was a lot of typing and backspacing involved. Everything finally clicked last night and I think I'm ready to publish. This one's not based on any challenges, and it's not a legacy either. It's simply a stand alone story. I hope you enjoy reading it.

~ LateKnightSimmer ~


I won't say too much here since it would give too much away, but I started this story after being inspired by some tv shows about the topic and having some personal experience with it. This story is about four Sims, two who live in a cult, and two who live in the real world. The story is told in an interview fashion, which is revealed as a series of memories. There will be some chapters that don't have an interview segment if it so calls. I also sometimes include music and occasionally there will be a YouTube video you can play to enhance the story. Okay well I think that's all, I hope you enjoy your stay, and thank you for checking it out if you choose to do so.

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