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Chapter 18: Hope

What drove you to continue to pursue a friendship with Absolon despite your reservations about it?

I kept thinking about what Camo said and I wanted to get to where he was. He didn't label Absolon as a Stranger, he just looked at him as another person.

I'm sitting across from Camo eating lunch with him. I can't stop staring at his lips as he eats his soup. I really want to kiss him, but I probably shouldn't since we're at work. He'd probably kiss really well, with lips like that. How is he making eating soup sexy? My heart is going to leap out of my chest.

"Verona? Are you going to eat your sandwich?"

"What? Sandwich. Yeah."

I can't help but feel a little embarrassed and silly that Camo has me so entranced that I forgot to eat. I pick up my sandwich and take a bite.

"Camo? What do you do for fun?"

"Go to work."

"You think work is fun?"

"No, but seeing you is."

Oh, my heart skipped a beat and now there are butterflies in my stomach. I don't know why since he's already my boyfriend, so it's not like I have anything to be nervous about. I wonder if this is what love feels like. I've dated lots of guys, but no one has ever made me feel like this before.

"Camo, do you like the beach?"

Camo's eyes light up as he smiles and nods at me.

"I love the beach. In fact, that's a place that holds one of my fondest memories."

"Oh? What's that?"

"It's the day I first saw you."

"Really? Hmm.. how come I don't remember you?"

Camo laughs a little nervous laugh before he smiles again and looks down into his soup bowl.

"Uh... well... I kind of... uh, I-"

"Camo, it's all right. You can tell me."

"I was being a typical teenager and checking out your ass."

Camo talks really fast and continues eating. That's why he looked like he'd seen a ghost when he and Titanium came into the store looking for jobs. He already knew me, well, sort of, knew my backside. I chuckle to myself as I now I realize that the front of me must have stunned him into oblivion. Well, the feelings are mutual, sexy Camo.

I'm sitting with Titanium on the couch. He and I have been getting to know each other better and he asked me how I knew of The Compound after apologizing profusely again for judging me that day.

"You want to know how I know about The Compound? My mother was a resident for a while. She was the lady in the car with you and Camo when you guys left the beach that day."

Did The Leader require people he picked up at community gatherings to live in The Compound?

For residents who had a home, they were allowed to live at their house as long as they attended a few meetings. Some of them ended up eventually moving into The Compound.

"Class, not all Strangers have to be homeless to need our help. Some of them have miserable home lives and although they have houses to sleep in, they need our support. If you know any of these types of Strangers, you do not need to convince them to live here, but it would be good if you could encourage them to attend some of our classes."

"What kinds of things make them miserable at home?"

"Good question Zinfandel. All situations are different, but there are usual things like problems with relationships, drugs, crime, and other impure things. Some Strangers are in abusive relationships where the person they live with beats them up regularly. Some get into arguments over money and turn to unhealthy ways of solving their problems like drugs and alcohol."

I went to the beach alone after being woken up by my parents' fight. I'd just gotten done playing some pool when my mother came into the beach house. I wondered how she had found me since I hadn't told her where I was going.

"Absolon, honey? Why'd you leave the house?"

"I had to get away from you and dad. You guys woke me up with your fighting. I've been here all day."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I tried to get your father to talk to you and he got mad again."

"Mom, I don't know why you keep doing that. I know he hates me. He's made that very clear. I don't care much for him either. You should save yourself the trouble and just give it a rest."

"Don't take that tone with me, young man. I am trying to make us a family."

"Yeah? Well, don't bother."


I sigh and look down. I'm a little ashamed for talking to her like that, but I really think it's pointless, and if it will get her and Dad to stop fighting, maybe it's just better that way.

"I'm sorry, Mom. I just don't think there is any hope for the three of us to be one big happy family. Maybe happily ever after is not meant for us."

"Don't you talk like that. There is always hope. Okay?"

I nod, even though I don't believe her one bit. I don't want to crush the hope she seems to have.

"Come with me, Absolon. There's a little gathering I want to stay for, and I'd like you to see what it's about as well."

I follow my mom to another part of the beach house, where the red haired man who gave us hot dogs is standing. Some other people are gathered around. He starts talking about how Silicon Shores is full of pain and sadness and that he has some shelter that is an escape from all of it. He sounds like a complete nutjob, thinking that there's a way to live in utopia. I whisper in my mom's ear to let her know I don't want to stick around for this.

"Mom I think I'm going to go for a swim, if that's okay with you. I'll be back home later. I love you."

"I love you too, baby. Hey, I'm going to stay up here. I'm curious what he has to say."

"All right Mom. See you at the house."

I go back home and see Dad watching some tv. I'm glad for the sudden change in peacefulness, but I wonder where Mom is. The little discussion group she went to seemed like it was hours ago. Dad ignores me, as usual, which I suppose is better than him yelling at me to go away or stop bothering him. There are gross plates of food everywhere so I decide to clean up.

Unfortunately for me, I drop one of the pans on the floor. I don't even have to turn around to feel my dad burning a hole into me with his eyes. I don't know what his problem is, the television is at a perfectly decent volume so it's not like he missed anything.

"Absolon! Will you shut up! I'm trying to watch tv."


"God! You are such a pain in the ass!"

"Is Mom back yet?"

"How the fuck should I know? She went out to find your stupid ass, and you're here, she isn't, put two and two together. Where did you lose her?"

"I was at the beach and she stayed at some party."

"Great. She accuses me of cheating and then she goes off to a party. Bitch."

"Dad, it's not that kind of party."

"Well then what kind of party was it?"

"I don't know."

"God, you're useless! Just go away!"

The next day, Mom still wasn't back. Dad continued to yell at me for leaving her at the beach, and two more days passed before she finally walked in the front door.

Before Camo left for work today, he made a date with me to go to the beach the next day. He said he had to be back home for a class at 2pm but that we could spend the morning together. I don't know why he has class in a shelter. Maybe it's some type of home schooling or something. I meet him there around 8am and we start dancing. I really love the way he is looking at me. His eyes are so intense. Maybe today is the day we should have our first kiss.

Holy shit he's adorable. Kiss him, Verona! For the love... kiss him.

"This is fun, Camo. I'm glad you suggested it."

"You're so pretty."

Ooh, I can't take it anymore. I grab Camo's hand and look into his eyes. He stares at me intently again like he did when we started dancing and our faces get closer and closer to each other until his lips are finally touching mine.

When we pull apart, he's smiling at me again.

"Wow, is that what it's like to kiss a girl? I like it."

"Camo? Was that your first kiss ever?"

"Well, not technically, but it was the first kiss ever that I actually wanted."

"What's that all about?"

"There's this thing called the reproduction schedule where I live, so I have to have sex with random people there. It's stupid and I hate it. I've only done it once and it sucked. She kept kissing me, but I didn't like her."

Camo's shelter is sounding stranger by the minute.

"Camo, have you ever been kissed like this before?"

The look on his face when we're done tells me he hasn't.

That day at the beach, I went to a shelter with the man who had given Absolon and I a free lunch. He runs it and it's called The Compound. The man sat down with me after Absolon had left and was concerned about my black eye. I told him I had marital problems and he asked if I had any friends to talk to about it. I said no and he offered to take me to his shelter so I could talk to some women. I agreed and then I stayed there for three days. I probably should have called Enigma and Absolon, but I didn't. Now I'm walking up to my house.

I'm glad to see Enigma when I walk in the door. He has a worried look on his face and I'm glad he missed me.

"Andromeda, what happened to you? Where did you go? I came back here after we made up at the motel, but you weren't here."

"I went to the beach to find Absolon after I left the motel. I'm sorry, I should have called you. I went to a shelter."

"Why? You know I don't hit you regularly. That was a one time thing, I promise."

"I know, baby. There were some girls there I talked to, you know, girl talk?"

"Oh, well I'm glad you're okay."

"Enigma? I'm going to be going there once a week to hang out with those girls. I think the time will help me figure out how to fix my side of our marriage."

"All right."

What happened to you, Kalya? How did you end up like your mother? I can't sleep because I'm thinking hard about our new house guest and what Charles said to me the other night about how I treat Verona. I don't know what to do, I'm just worried about her. When I met Charles, he was a recovering drug addict. I worked in the rehab facility where he was assigned. It was hard watching him suffer from withdrawal. My heart went out to him, and somewhere along the line I gave my heart to him. My mother was not pleased with me picking a former drug addict as my boyfriend and she and my father disowned me from the estate. I was devastated. I can't imagine doing that to Verona, but I can't figure out how to stop worrying about her. The only thing I have figured out how to do is control who she dates. I don't really believe that's good for her, but I fear she will pick someone who will get her into trouble. She's never been one to follow rules very well.

I wanted her to work at the country club because there are decent men who go there, but she doesn't want to, so I can't do anything about that. Growing up rich, I learned not to trust people because most are only friends with you because you have money. I roll over and look at Charles. He's such a handsome man, inside and out. I am a bit jealous of Charles and Verona's eternal optimism, but I guess I'm just naturally a pessimist. I wonder about Verona's friend Absolon and I hope he does not have any ulterior motives. Charles told me to try to remember how I felt when we first met, and to apply some of that sympathy towards Absolon. I promised Charles I would try my best to respect Absolon for who he is now and what he's trying to do with his life, rather than where he comes from. It is a little easier since I know Verona is not involved with Absolon. Somehow I've got to find that young girl who fell in love with a drug addict because she seems much nicer than who I am now.

Credit: Mypalsim's Poses for Sims 3


  1. Well, I'm glad Verona's mom is realizing her mistake before it's really too late. I wonder what she would think of Camo.

    I just don't understand Enigma. LOL. I just read that and realized how it sounded. Good name. He's so two-faced. (ugh, I'm going all Batman now) I hate the way he treats Absolon.

    1. Verona's mom has been misguided because both of her parents acted like how she's acting now. The difference is that Kalya does really love Verona and would never want to disown her. Meeting Charles was the best thing for her because he's the complete opposite of her. Hmm.. not sure what she'd think of Camo.. I want to say it could go several different ways depending on how she approaches it.
      It's okay, I love Batman. I actually picked Enigma's name from Edward Nygma, the Riddler. Enigma's really living in the past and his selfish, stubborn nature is blinding what's actually happening in the present. If he could get past that, he would find that Absolon isn't really 'in his way' as much as he thinks. In the previous chapter, when he had nothing to hide in his motel room and didn't get angry at Andromeda even when she kept assuming the worst, things went better for him, so here's hoping he can figure that out.

  2. Well, that's interesting that Absolon's Mom got involved with Compound. But she does fit into the profile, being the type to think that outside forces can change her life(like, believing a baby would fill the void in her life, when that doesn't work out the way she expected, let's try a cult)

    Verona and Camo are so cute together! I love how he answers her questions so honestly. Maybe he just doesn't know how weird having a reproduction schedule would sound. But hopefully as she learns more about what Camo is involved in, she'll start helping him get out.

    1. LOL. I'm glad you like Camo and Verona. :) Camo is a nice, smart boy who happened to be born into the most unfortunate living arrangements in the universe. He knows he doesn't like the majority of the things he has to do, but he doesn't know that it's uncommon. Verona's been taught well by Charles not to judge anyone so when Camo says things that sound strange to her, so she doesn't pick on him for it. She thinks his shelter is weird, but they both don't know that it's a cult.
      Andromeda is kind of oblivious when it comes to common sense. She has no idea it's a cult either, she just thinks it's some community center where they help people.

  3. I liked the part you wrote from Kayla's POV. :) It gives you a little insight and you learn she wasn't all money; selfish and controlling. She really cares about her daughter, but she doesn't want her to have the same life she did. Verona's safety and best interest is at heart, but she isn't sure how to protect her daughter. Also, Camo and Verona make the cutest couple! I don' t think Kay has anything to worry about..unless Veorna gets involved with the Compound, but I don't think she will. She doesn't seem like that type of person.

    1. Kalya is a bit naive since she grew up sheltered with really controlling parents. This causes her to worry a lot about Verona, perhaps a little too much. Kalya needs to learn to trust Verona a little more. Yay I'm glad you like Camo and Verona. :)

  4. Omggg Verona and Camo are so adorable, I love them together. All I think of when I see them together is 'when are they going to do the nasty, when is Titan going to find out, and is the leader going to find out!?' haha! This story is really intense if you think about it more.
    Yeah, I was right to still hate Abs' Dad, lol. He's such a dick. Just accept your friggin' son already!?
    I want Verona's mom to back off already and stop worrying so much! Ugh! Verona is smart and found the perfect guy for her, just leave her be, woman!

    1. Heehee, I'm glad you like Camo and Verona. You'll get to the 'do the nasty' part soon. *evil grin* Absolon's dad is being a turd-muffin. It's not like Absolon's still a baby or anything, so it's kind of like stop living in the past Enigma! geez! LOL. About Kalya, I don't know what the heck it is with some parents and their over protective-ness. It's silly. :D

  5. Camo is so clueless and innocent. *L* He just says things. It seems that Verona is a little taken aback and then adores it ^_^

    Absolon's parents are really messed up. Poor guy.

    Kalya has to stop living in her past and passing what happened to her into her life with her daughter. She won't disown Verona like she was disowned, so what's her deal?

    1. Camo is adorable, he loves to talk to Verona because she doesn't judge him or call him dumb even though some of the things he tells her don't make sense to her. She does really like him at this point. XD

      Absolon's parents are pretty screwed up, they are grasping at straws at this point with their marriage, or what's barely left of it.

      Kalya is caught up in appearances. She's also paranoid Verona will be poor, which is unnecessary. She fears if Verona dates "commoners," she'll be lost to drugs or somehow ruin her life in some way. She doesn't trust Verona out of fear that Verona will mess up her own life. Kalya thinks of commoners the same way that The Compound thinks of The Strangers, dangerous and scary, and unacceptable to hang out with because they'll taint Verona.

  6. I wasn't quite sure how to feel about Andromeda in this glad she's breaking away from her husband for a while but then again she's being brainwashed. And Enigma keeps trying to justify his actions by saying it was only one time...I don't know...that just feels so wrong to me..But then again I can't let my personal experiences drive my perception on your characters ...I feel like if a guy hits a girl once then she shouldn't give him anymore chances....Maybe it's just a cultural thing...I don't know *shrug*

    Verona is so accepting of Camo and his awkward situations regarding the shelter. If I was Verona I would make sure that he would not be participating in the reproduction schedule even if he dreamed about it lol. It's nice she shows him what real love is though. Attraction and sparks...Undeniable.

    The last chapter I was like "hmm why did Kalya fall for a drug addict when she's so uptight" now it makes sense. :) I understand her trying to protect her daughter but she has to let her live. Life is about mistakes.

    1. Andromeda's walking on some thin ice here, trusting The Compound people, but she honestly doesn't know any better. Well, Enigma is telling the truth, he's never punched Andromeda before, except for that one time you read about. He also doesn't plan on hitting Andromeda ever again. He does love her, even though their marriage is incredibly fucked up. I think it's a matter of personal opinion, like some people are more forgiving than others, not that one is better than the other, but I'm more willing to give people a second chance, which is why I wrote Andromeda and Enigma's marriage the way I did. I'm also willing to give them a second chance if they show me they have improved, or are trying to improve. If they don't show any effort, and keep doing the thing I said not to do, then that's when I draw the line.

      Verona and Camo's relationship is one of real love, no judgment, and Camo needs that in order to begin his healing process. Verona feels like she's learning more about Camo by being accepting. She knows he doesn't like it there and doesn't like about 99% of the shit he has to deal with, so that made her not go all crazy about it. She doesn't like it by any means though, of course. No one wants to hear that their boyfriend has to be forced to have sex with random people. Verona's also smart, and Camo's shelter is sounding very controlling in her eyes, so she's gathering that it's not exactly an easy thing to try to stop by herself. They definitely have real sparks flying everywhere though. LOL. I love writing them. XD

      Yup, Kalya's answered your questions here LOL. I like building my story this way, it lets readers have questions, and keeps them curious for more. Life is definitely about mistakes, I feel mistakes are the best way to learn. Kalya's just too paranoid right now and she's going about it the wrong way. Thankfully Verona is smart enough not to remain sheltered under her mother's wing. That would be doing neither Verona or Kalya any favors.

    2. It definitely is a matter of personal opinion lol. An opinion can't be proven wrong or right so it's one of those sticky situation for some. Don't get me wrong I would give anyone a second chance but there are just some instances where I draw the line and that's one of them. But to each their own... :D *winces* I hope you don't think I'm 'preaching' to you or anything like that. Believe me, that's the last thing I would do...Especially on the internet lol. ^_^

      Ahhh yes, love doesn't judge...It's a shame that in this day in age some people still don't realize that. *Shakes head* so many arguments and division between groups could be avoided if people just stop judging each other and POLITELY disagreeing if they have a disagreement *sigh* Not everyone can do that though. Verona definitely loves Camo, she handled that situation well..Now that I think about how this could've possibly turned out lol.

      Everyone has a love-hate relationship with cliff hangers (in a good way) lol. But yeah I'm dying to see what happens when her mom meets Camo (I almost wrote meat instead of meet :P)

    3. LOL, no worries, I don't feel like you're preaching at me. I think you're right too, about certain situations, and some people having stricter limits on the situations. That's perfectly normal. XD Eee, I'm glad you don't like unnecessary preaching/telling people they're wrong on the internet, LOL, I hate people who do that. Seriously. It's ridiculous. Ha, that's one instance where I don't tolerate. XD I had some chick on the Sims3 forum back in the day basically tell me my advice I gave another Simmer was lame and fake, so I was pretty mad about that and I never talked to that chick ever again. It was pretty stupid too because the advice I was giving that Simmer was from personal experience, but yeah, I don't know anything about it. Whatever... to her. LOL.

      Yeah, it's true. I'm all for fighting for what you want and stand for, but sometimes that's not the way to handle something, especially if it's with someone you care about, like Verona's case with Camo. Simply yelling at them and telling them they're stupid is going to get you nowhere, and it's even more the case with this couple. Camo's already been put down his whole life because he doesn't fit The Compound's mold. If Verona had acted just like that, and put him down, it would have driven him straight back to The Compound because he would have probably thought there was truth in what he had been taught.

      LOL. I know what you mean about cliffhangers. ROFL, meat. XD
      Heehee, I'm saying nothing, but I am excited for you to see that scenario when it comes up since you've been so excited about it yourself. :D

  7. Lol some people can be so feisty on the forums lmao :P "chick" lol are you trying not to say bitch? lol I'm sorry but I just had to ask lol. But yeah that was totally unnecessary..Some people just don't know when to shut up. It's just common sense that someone who has experienced something can give better insight on that situation to another person experiencing it lol...She sounds silly.

    Yeah, if they would've started arguing it wouldn't have ended well for them...As I like to say it: "Say it with love" lol. I feel like yelling only makes people hate you...It only stresses you out and the person your yelling at and at the end of the day nothing really gets solved so I just don't believe in it...I don't know maybe it's a generational thing, but I find it counter-productive.

    Yeah the last novel I read got me so pissed off lol the author just left things on a cliff hanger and didn't even make a sequel :/ lol. I 'cheated' and looked over the next chapter...I know it's risque judging by the pictures lol ;) Hopefully Camo will meet Verona's mother pretty soon but I definitely know it's not the next chapter :)

    1. LOL, well at the time yeah I thought she was a crazy bitch, but in here I honestly just typed chick naturally, so I guess I'm over that experience. I still remember it though... She was claiming that textbooks gave more accurate advice than a personal experience... *rolls eyes so hard*

      Yelling I think is something that does happen naturally in relationships, but it's only effective if the couple eventually calms down and talks to each other. I know, I have a bad temper, and sometimes yelling makes me feel better because it exerts the pent up energy I have inside that I need to let out. Keeping it in just makes me feel like shit and I end up getting edgy and irritable all day. I do agree that yelling at someone just to yell at them and make them feel bad is counter-productive and really dumb, like what the chick did to me in the forum. She just wanted to make herself feel better by putting me down. I do think that if you're yelling to try to get things out in the open, then it can be productive if you talk about it calmly later.

      What? No sequel? That sounds like a strange book. LOL. Haha, I can't really stop you from cheating and looking ahead, but I will say I think the story makes a lot more sense and is more effective if it's read in order. I realize that sounds like common sense. Haha. I didn't put Verona's mom and Camo meeting till later on in the story because it's one of the more dramatic turning points in a lot of these character's lives, and if I had put it in too early, the story would have been too short and I wouldn't have gotten the pleasure of building up to that exciting moment. XD

  8. Lol textbooks aren't even reputable anymore lol that's a really dumb thing for anyone to say...That doesn't even make logical sense lol.

    I have the worst vocabulary when I'm mad...I can clump 4 or 5 swear words into 1 word *blush* but I guess I kind of do feel better after saying it. It kind of depends on who you're with too...I get really quiet and shut myself off when I get yelled at but I will talk about the issue later on. I'm a very "soft" person, idk I get very emotional about things sometimes :/

    And yes it was a weird book lol it was supposed to be a mystery but I didn't think it really counted as a mystery because there was nothing to really think about lol.

    I don't want you to get the wrong idea about what I said lol I don't read ahead, that would really confuse me lol. I looked ahead for that one chapter I like being surprised so I wouldn't look like 5 chapters ahead lol that would really ruin the moment for me especially since you always have surprises in your stories. And yes you need the perfect timing to drop the bomb lol

    1. LOL IKR? It's fine to read a book and NOT take it as 100% truth. I doubt the authors know EVERYTHING perfectly ALL the time. *rolls eyes*

      LMAO. I can relate... to combining a lot of inappropriate words together, especially when I'm angry. People tend to be scared when I get to that point of pissed-off-ness. LOL. I did make my hubs laugh one time when we were making fun of something and I strung a bunch of words together though XD that time I wasn't angry I was just supporting his anger towards whatever he was making fun of.

      Strange... I don't like when books are labelled in the wrong genre, cause then it just disappoints people LOL. I suppose that's inevitable sometimes though, for something to be misplaced since no one's perfect and all that.

      Oh ok, haha, I'm glad you didn't read ahead. XD I have heard of some people who literally will read the end of a story first and then go back to the beginning, and as a writer, it just... irritates me I guess? Like I put all this effort into building up a great story and they just fast forwarded to the end.. seriously? LOL. Anyway, Haha, thanks for not doing that. :) I like you more now. ♥


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