Occasionally I will use Custom Content and Poses from various sources. Here are the websites I use. I like to list the pose sites I use under each chapter just for a reference to where I got the particular poses, and as a fun thing for the pose maker if they see their pose in a chapter. All Custom Hair and Clothing I got from one of the sites listed below. I don't list Custom Hair and Clothing per chapter, but they are all on this page.


Custom Hairstyles

Eternila's Stuff
Tumblr: AwesomeSims - NewSea Bittersweet, female hair, curly, long

Custom Clothing

Tumblr: Simming with Sirens - Batman tank top (women)
Tumblr: Yet Another Simblr - Alcohol tank tops (women)
Blondechaos Sims Adoration - Bad boy/Bad girl tank tops (men and women)
Mod the Sims - Open Shirt (men) by LadyFrontBum

Other CC

Tifa Sims: Scar V7 - facial bruises, cuts - Tears from crying
TSR: Jewelry Headband Set
TSR: Wedding Set

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