Saturday, May 11, 2013

Chapter 27: Stranger

Camo is standing outside the gate of Verona's house looking at the box that looks a lot like a telephone, but has no handset. He's never seen something like this before, but he figures pushing the green button that says CALL seems like a logical thing to do.


A man's voice comes over the strange box, one Camo's never heard before.

"Uh, hi. Is Verona there? She invited me over."

"Yes! I'm Verona's father, Charles. Are you Camo?"

"Yes, I am."

Camo hears a loud click and looks up as the gate opens automatically. Wow that's so cool. He starts walking towards the front door. Verona comes out and gives him a big hug.

"Camo! I missed you so much. My date sucked."

"My thing sucked too. What do you want to do today?"

"Well, my dad's making dinner, so you could eat here. We could watch tv or just hang out and talk."

Camo follows Verona inside and they sit on the couch together. After a few minutes, a blonde haired man comes over to them. Camo guesses he's Verona's dad, and is even more sure of it when he notices the man has the exact same eye color as Verona. He stands up and shakes the man's hand.

"Welcome, Camo. It's nice to meet you. Do you like spaghetti?"

"Yes, I do. It's nice to meet you too."

"Ok, well I'll leave you two and continue making dinner, I just wanted to say hi."

Camo sits back down and snuggles Verona again.

"What happened on your date?"

"He was a rich bastard that only cared about public appearances. I hate him."


A woman's voice, sharp and pointed, shoots across the room like a dagger. Camo looks at Verona and she suddenly has a cold look in her eyes, one he's never seen from her before. He knows she isn't directing her coldness towards him, but it's still scary, as if all the love has suddenly evaporated from her being. She gets up and goes over to the woman.

"WHAT. Mom?! It's true. I hate him."

"He is good for you."

"No. He's not. He's good for you, for your precious little tea room parties where you pretend to live in the 1800s and sell your daughter off like livestock. Well, let me tell you this, I will NOT be set up with Marcus. Not NOW. NOT EVER."

Camo winces as he sees Verona's mother slap her hard across the face.

"OW, Mom. What the FUCK?!"

"Verona! Don't use such foul language! I am your mother, I deserve respect."

"Respect goes both ways, Mom. You clearly don't resp- OW! WHY do you keep slapping me?!"

Camo is unsure what to do here as he really wishes Verona's mom would stop abusing her, but it's not like he has a right to tell her what to do, so he goes into the kitchen, hoping Charles is still there.

"Uh, Charles?"

"Camo. Hey. Dinner's almost-"

"Um, sorry to interrupt. I saw Verona's mom slapping her."


Charles runs out of the kitchen and into the foyer where Kalya is assaulting Verona. He catches Kalya's wrist firmly just as she's about to slap Verona again. He tells Verona he's sorry with his eyes, and Verona runs away to her room.

I can't believe what I'm seeing. Kalya raising her hand to Verona. I'm so angry right now. Her wrist is in my grasp and I don't know what to say. She had such a crazy look in her eyes earlier. I have no idea what is wrong with her. Do I even know the person standing in front of me? Is she the girl I fell in love with? I find it difficult right now to see her underneath the cold exterior of this woman in the foyer. I continue to be at a loss for words as I let go of Kalya's wrist and just glare at her.

Dinner's ruined now as I have lost my appetite, and I'm pretty sure Verona has as well. I can't even imagine what poor Camo must be thinking right now, he probably thinks we're psycho. I turn around and leave the stranger standing in my house and go back to the kitchen. Camo is still there. He looks a little nervous, so I smile at him, trying to make him feel better.

"Camo, what would you like to drink? We have some beer if you're twenty-one, otherwise there's some Pepsi, milk, water?"

"Uh, Pepsi is good. Thank you. Is Verona okay?"

"I don't know, honestly. I think she's in her room if you want to try to talk to her."

Camo leaves for a little while and I hear voices, but then he comes back into the kitchen.

"No luck?"

"No. She said she wanted to be alone."

"All right, well, you can eat with me."

"Thank you."

Camo sits down at the table and we start eating. I look in Camo's eyes and he doesn't look uncomfortable. He looks worried. I'm glad because he's showing genuine concern for Verona, and I'm glad she found someone who cares that much.

After dinner, we both go towards Verona's room. I knock and Camo follows after Verona says we can come in.

"Baby girl, come here. Camo, will you get a washcloth from the bathroom and soak it?"

I look at Verona's face, and her cheek is bright red. Luckily, Kalya hadn't been able to slap her enough times to draw blood, but her cheek is definitely raw. Camo comes out with the wet washcloth and hands it to me. I put it on Verona's cheek, hoping to make her feel better.

"Daddy, I hate Mom."

"Shh, baby."

"My face is still burning... the cloth is nice and cool."

Camo goes and sits on the other side of the bed, looking at Verona with that same concern in his eyes he had at dinner.

"What happened out there, baby girl?"

"Mom yelled at me because she overheard me telling Camo I hate Marcus. She told me her bullshit of how he was a good match and I told her I wasn't going to go along with her plans of being set up with him. Then she hit me and said she deserved respect. I told her she didn't respect me and she hit me again. I'm glad you came over, or she would have hit me a third time. I hate her."

"You should thank Camo. I was in the kitchen and he told me what she was doing to you."

"I have a good boyfriend, don't I?"

I smile at Camo and say, "Yes, you do, baby girl, yes you do."



  1. Verona's mom is an evil witch, I'm glad Camo did the right thing and told her father.

    I'm catching up with this story now, and I'm enjoying it! Keep up the good work!

    1. Yes Verona's mom has big problems. No way Camo was just going to be quiet about that, it's not in his personality. Hehe.
      Thanks for reading and commenting! I'm glad you like it!

  2. Wow o.O
    I am with Charles here- lost for words. Verona, wtf?!?

    1. Yeah... Kalya's a psycho. It sucks when the person you thought you knew turns out to be a complete jackass.

  3. Kayla seems to be slowly snapping... Glad that Camo told Charles and he calmed things a little…

    1. Kalya is... I don't know. A crazy bitch? LOL.
      Charles is really really really pissed right now. He's usually really friendly and understanding, and there's hardly ever a time when he becomes speechless. The fact that he is speechless is not a good thing.
      No way Camo would let his girl get slapped and be quiet about it! Haha, it's not in his personality.

  4. its a good thing Charles and Camo were there! Kalya is out of line! What a bitch. She acts like its the dark ages and Verona can't find a man for herself. She herself needs a good slap to the face! Can't wait to see where this goes. Glad I'm getting caught up!

    1. Verona's surrounded by some pretty awesome men in her life. The women however... not so much. Kalya definitely needs some sort of wake up call, as she has her head far up her ass right now. Thanks for reading and commenting! :D

  5. Wow, Kalya just went off on Verona! What a bitch!
    Poor Camo, too, how uncomfortable that must have been. Still, he did the right thing getting Charles to intervene.
    (Also, lol, those call boxes confuse me too, and I wasn't raised in compound)
    So, I know Charles has been trying to reason with his wife over her issues with Verona and her love life, but I wonder if this will be just too much for him to deal with her anymore?
    I knew Charles would like Camo. =D

    1. Kalya is definitely a bitch. She's got her head so far up her own ass that it's almost at the top of her body again. Camo used his common sense to handle the situation. No way he was just going to sit there and watch Verona get slapped, no matter how weird it was to have to tell her dad. It's not his personality to keep quiet about things that are wrong.
      Haha, the call box is really just like those intercoms outside apartment buildings. Call the house to be let in. :D
      Hmm... the only thing that we know for now is that Charles has been rendered speechless, which doesn't happen very often. He's usually very friendly and likes to talk to people. The fact that he doesn't know what to say... not good... he's pretty angry right now... like really really really angry.
      Yes of course Charles would like Camo, even more now that Camo has proven how awesome he is. =D Thanks so much for reading and commenting as always! :D

  6. OooOoo Kalya.. If I was in that room, WHHOOOOO MAN.. WTF is wrong with her? I think it's ridiculous that she's acting this way.. Especially when she comes off like she deserves respect when she beats her child in front of her boyfriend.. *shakes head* She's a hypocrite in my eyes.
    *rushes to next chapter*

    1. She's... uh... retarded, and yes, she's a total hypocrite. She has her head far up her ass. She's so stuck on outward appearances, how the 'family name' will look, yet she's the one going around making scenes in front of guests. *dumb ass* She's doing exactly what she thinks an uncivilized person would do. She's a great example of someone who is so brainwashed she can't even see why she is wrong and the irony of her actions. It's pretty typical for someone who is brainwashed to think everything they do is right even though it's so obviously wrong.

  7. *Plots evil for Kalya*

    Is the witch available for download. I would love to make her fat, poor, and the victim of a plastic surgery gone wrong.

    1. LMAO. Unfortunately, none of The Compound peeps are available for download. I like the thoughts of your evil plans, though.

  8. Mkay, well, her mom crossed the line. I think her dad is finally seeing the woman he married without his rose-colored glasses.

    1. She's being ridiculous. Charles is not going to try to talk sense into her forever, but we'll see how long he tries to do it, and if she even tries to help her case. She may be taking her marriage for granted...

  9. Sigh,

    I've got one like that in my life -
    not someone who's obsessed with social class so much as someone
    who thinks they know exactly what will make you happy and doesn't
    care to find out if you're actually happy.

    1. ARGH I hate those people so freaking much. *punches wall* Le sigh.

  10. I agree with mypalsim1, I also think Verona's dad starts to see Kalya for who she really has become. Can't anyone get some sense into her? That woman, argh!!

    1. It's hard to put sense into someone's head who doesn't want to see that they're wrong. Change really starts with the person themselves. It's like when they don't admit they have a problem, they don't see that there's anything to change. If Kalya doesn't try to stop being a jerk, she's probably not going to have a very fun life anymore.

  11. That was really unexpected. Wow her Mom is on thin ice. She better start worrying for her own future. Poor Camo seemed so lost.

    1. You felt like Kalya wasn't the type to slap Verona? Now that she's made Charles extremely pissed off, you're right she better start either apologizing or looking for a new house. LOL. Camo was stunned and angry, but trying to be polite, since he was a guest in their house.

  12. Holy crap! What a bitch! Verona's mother is such a vile woman, hitting her own child like that! I hope Charles decides to leave her ass...

    1. Kalya is a different kind of stupid. LOLL. She's hell bent on making Verona do what she wants, and will stop at nothing to force her. Charles is really stunned right now and pissed off that Kalya would treat their daughter like that...

  13. Damn! I was not expecting that slap across the face! WOW! :O
    I mean sure, Verona was a tad bit rude but smacking your own daughter across the face...REALLY KALYA?! Lol. And poor Camo has to sit there and watch it all...How awkward. Respect does go both ways but Verona's mother didn't have to go and slap her across the face TWICE!
    Wow, I'm still shocked...Just give me a second lol.

    Poor Charles, having to deal with all that...That's just embarrassing.
    "I turn around and leave the stranger standing in my house" I loved it when he said that, especially since he said he doesn't really recognize Kalya when she was acting like that.

    Camo was so sweet, as always ^_^
    God, I'm really stumped now....I don't know how Charles is going to deal with all of THIS lol...Great chapter!

    1. Uh huh, Kalya has gone off the fuckin' deep end now. LOL. Slapping her child in front of a house guest? *rolls eyes* Ironic since Kalya is always preaching about public image and status, but then she goes and acts like someone who beats their children. Verona knew she was being rude and defying Kalya but in all fairness, Kalya deserved it. Telling her nicely wasn't getting through to her, so Verona thought maybe just saying it how it is would help. Sadly, it didn't.

      Yeah, Charles was very embarrassed, and he felt really bad that on Camo's first visit, he has to see all of this crazy behavior, he was afraid Camo would go running for the hills. Charles was very pleased to see Camo stick around and worry about Verona when he could have easily just excused himself and left. Aww thanks haha. :D It's kind of wierd when you marry someone and then sometimes you don't recognize them when they show their true colors. T_T

      Thank you! :)


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