Thursday, June 6, 2013

Chapter 31: Wrong

"Absolon? Absolon?"

Jeez, Mom just insulted the shit out of Absolon, and I think he's still stunned from the words. He sinks down onto my bed and covers his face like he's ashamed. I hope he's not, since he has nothing to be ashamed about. Dad is standing in the same place he was, probably also stunned from what he just did. I'm just glad Mom is gone. We hear the gate open, and a screech of tires as Mom peels out of the house. I never thought Mom would ever drive like that. Dad finally snaps out of his trance as the gate shuts. Maybe he was just waiting for confirmation that Mom actually left. He walks over to Absolon and sits next to him.

"Hi, Charles. Thanks for standing up for me, I know I'm not your responsibility or anything. You didn't have to do that."

"No, I did. She is crazy, and I took you in. I want you to feel comfortable living here."

"I've never had anyone talk to me like that before. No one knew what my preferences were except Verona and Camo. Not even my parents."

"Well you are lucky then, lots of people get bullied their whole lives because of their preferences. I'm sorry Kalya was so mean to you. Are you all right?"

"I don't know. I think I am, but I'm still a little shocked, like I feel like I did something wrong by existing."

"No. You did nothing. You are fine just the way you are."


The intercom sounds, and I volunteer to answer it so Daddy can continue to comfort Absolon. I'm super excited that it is Camo, who has been back from Egypt for a day now, but didn't want to come over right after getting home so as not to raise suspicion. I'm even more excited that he brought Titanium as well because he wanted to see Absolon. Perfect timing, now that Mom is gone, and Absolon needs some comforting. I practically run Camo over when he comes in the front door.

"Camo, it's been horrible."


"Mom. She's been horrible. Dad just kicked her out, but not before she insulted Absolon. Titanium, you should go into my room, the first door on the left. Absolon needs you."

I feel like I've been kicked. I don't know how that conversation between Kalya and I went downhill so fast. One moment I was sticking up for Verona telling her mother that we weren't involved, and the next moment I was being treated like a dirty sock. Questionable lifestyle? Inappropriate? I'm not inappropriate! My lifestyle is not questionable! I am not dirty! I feel dirty, though, but I know I shouldn't. I know I didn't do anything wrong, so why do I feel out of sorts? I look up and see Titanium standing there. He's got concern written all over his face, so Verona must have clued him in that I needed him. Charles looks at me, then to Titanium, and then gets up, leaving us alone. That man has the intuition of a god, sometimes I think he's psychic.

"Absolon? What happened?"

"Oh, Verona's mom just told me that I lead an inappropriate, questionable lifestyle because I like boys. My insides hurt. Is there something wrong with me?"

"No, of course not. Why do you think she said that?"

"I don't know. I- never- no one's ever told me that liking boys was wrong. I wasn't very close to either of my parents, so I never told them I liked boys. I guess, boys are supposed to like girls, and that's the only way it is? I don't know."

Titanium looks down at the bed, or my leg, I don't know which, with his pretty blue eyes.

"Well, I get told liking anyone, boy or girl, is wrong. You know."

"Yeah, that's true. I feel right when I'm with you though, like everything is good in the world. You make me happy."

"That's good. You make me happy too. I feel like The Compound is wrong to tell me that liking someone is a bad thing, so maybe Verona's mom was wrong, and we're fine."

He looks so sad, and suddenly I've forgotten how shitty I felt earlier because I want to make Titanium feel better. I'm glad that he has come to the realization that the way The Compound views relationships is messed up, but I'm annoyed that it's made him sad.

"Yeah, maybe. How was your trip?"

"It was okay, I guess. There were a lot of meetings I had to go to, but there was one day we had free. Camo and I went to the store, and I bought this for you."

He hands me a small box, and I open it to find a necklace that has a pyramid charm attached.

"I thought you might like a necklace since you wear one all the time."

"Thanks! I do like it."

I'm glad Kalya's gone. I feel weird though since she's been with me for so long. It makes me mad that she was just pretending to be okay with Absolon, and then went and said such horrible things about him. I don't even know if anything I said to Absolon made him feel better. I'm so hungry right now. I guess in my annoyance with everything, I forgot to eat. Luckily, there's some leftover sushi in the fridge. Hopefully, I won't have to deal with her any longer. I told her I wanted a trial separation, but I think I just want her to be gone. I know it would be better for Verona if Kalya was permanently out of her life.

"Dad? Is Mom gone for good? Like are you letting her back in the house, ever?"

"No, I don't want her living here anymore."

"Oh. Well, then I think it's safe to say she stole my car."



  1. Good, I'm glad Charles finally got rid of that bitch. Now he needs her to stay away!

    Titanium and Absolon...awww.

    1. Hey! Thanks for reading and commenting. Yeah, hopefully Kalya stays away from them. Heehee Titanium and Absolon are figuring out their feelings and being adorable. :)

  2. "Well, then I think it's safe to say she stole my car."

    Omg that just made me laugh so hard... I came home last night and still am catching up on everything, but I simply had to see your new chapters on The Compound. Jeeze, what a mess...
    I am seriously glad you decided to end this one with a laugh, the events were so horrible. My god, Kayla. It´s like she can´t stand people being ok in her presence anymore had simply HAS to do her worst to bring everybody down. Poor Abs, that was a particularly nasty blow :(

    Btw, did you know that our mayor here in Berlin and the German foreign minister are both gay and married ^^

    1. Ahahaa, I'm glad I could make you laugh. Ugh. Kalya disgusts me. She is so rude. I can't stand people like that who are condescending and think they're better than everyone.

      No I didn't know that about those German officials, that's cool! :)

  3. Its good to see Titanium again! :) Charles is awesome! I'm glad he is so supportive of Abs and Verona. I'm also happy that Kalya is gone and he doesn't want her back! the last line made me laugh " Well then I think its safe to say she stole my car." I laughed when I read that. haha! Great chapter! I love all the couples in this story. Now you just need to find a good woman for Charles since kalya the bitch is gone. :)

    1. "The bitch is gone, the bitch is gone!" --> Like the witch is dead... ROFL.
      I actually do have a lady for Charles already, just got to figure out how to do all that falling in love stuff.
      Yeah I kind of felt bad for Titanium, I hadn't been writing him in for the past couple of chapters, Absolon either, but I was having troubles with coming up with stuff where he would be around. LOL.

  4. I'm happy Kalya is gone as well.
    It was great to see Titanium and Absolon again.
    Looking forward to seeing what you have lined up for Charles. =D

    1. *cheers* Woo! Kalya's gone! LOL. I had been neglecting Titanium and Absolon a bit, poor babies. I love them. LOL. Yes... if I can tap into the lovey dovey stuff, I can get Charles with his lady soon. Haha. =)

  5. I think it was sweet that when Titanium walked in, Absolon stopped worrying about himself and started worrying about him. :) very mature

    Oh hells bells! Why am I not surprised that that bitch stole Verona's car?

    Yeah, don't let her come back, Charles, she loved your money and your status more than she loved you. It might've been okay in the beginning of your marriage, but greed and pride changed her.

    1. Yeah, Titanium and Absolon's relationship is very healthy. :)
      LMAO, Kalya is trying to be manipulative, hoping that by stealing Verona's car, it'll make Charles chase her.
      True, true, Kalya changed, and only for the worse. Charles realizes that now, that she didn't want to listen to anything he says.

  6. Poor Abs.. Kalya is such a witch. I'm so happy she's gone now. I'm happy that Abs and Titan were able to make each other feel better, though, and awww, Titanium got him a gift, how sweet. :)

    Ugh! I wonder how and if Verona is going to get her car back, hahaha.

    1. Kalya ew... LOL. She was trying to keep Charles in contact with her by stealing Verona's car, and also cause she's mean, a big old meanie. I felt kind of bad for Titanium he hasn't been in the story much. I think I need to do that thing again of jumping between story lines, haha. Yes he is starting to realize Absolon isn't as scary as he initially thought, so he was thinking of him while he was in Egypt... hheehee Egypt.

  7. "Oh. Well, then I think it's safe to say she stole my car."

    Cracked me right up. lol :D

    1. Hahaha!! Yes. =) Thanks for commenting and reading!

  8. I am sure Absolon will be fine. He has caring friends, and Titanium. :)
    Now that Camo is back, maybe Verona can relax more. That might actually be because her wicked mother is gone, Camo is just the cherry on top. ^_^
    I feel badly for Charles. He is the one that lost the most, but he's already thinking that this trial separation is more than just a trial. He is strong now, unlike when he was in recovery. He has his extended family and will find a lady worthy of him and his psychic abilities. haha

    1. Absolon is lucky to have all the support in the world now that Kalya left. Verona is much calmer when her mom is gone because her mom was a source of great tension in her life. Charles has gotten a chance to evaluate all the stuff Kalya did to their family and he knows that he needs to do what's best for Verona, as well as he fell out of love with Kalya. He really didn't like the person she'd become. Going through the stuff he went through with his past has made him a stronger person. LOL his psychic abilities are great.

  9. "No, I did. She is crazy" Ya damn right she is! Lol she took Verona's car like really? Come on....That's a bit much. I am kind of curious as to where she went though.

    It was nice to finally see some love in this chapter, Absolon and Titanium need to forget about what they've been told. Love is love no matter what gender the person is. Charles was very understanding though...You gotta love em' :)

    I'm curious as to why they had to go to meeting on a retreat... :S

    I liked that picture with Camo and Verona kissing. Perhaps he will move in now? He needs to abandon that psych ward that he calls home... :)

    1. LOL, yeah, Kalya took Verona's car because she wanted Charles to contact her again. Manipulation...

      Mm-hmm, Absolon and Titanium both learned a little more about love in this chapter with their little talk.

      It's The Compound, they do stupid shit that makes no sense, like going to meetings on retreats. LOL. It's so The Leader can preach to them, that's why. He's got to keep his little minions under control, you know...

      Aww thanks haha, I liked that picture too. Hmm I don't know if he'll move in quite so soon, but I agree, LOL he does need to leave that shit hole eventually.


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