Saturday, May 18, 2013

Chapter 29: Awakening

NOTE: I downloaded some new default skins and eyes for my Sims. They will look different in the pictures, they still have the same eye colors they always did though, just FYI.

~ Late Knight Simmer ~

Camo is shocked and a little turned on by Verona's sudden outburst of violence. His face still stings and he can't believe he just got slapped. He doesn't think he did anything wrong.

Verona's mother is on the floor still stunned by the punch. Charles makes his way to the other side of Verona's mother, looking incredibly angry. Camo takes Verona's hand and goes into the kitchen with her to get her some food.

"I'm going to give you one chance to tell me the truth of what happened and why Verona punched you. One chance, Kalya. I'm fucking serious."

Camo decides on making a can of soup for Verona as he figures that is easy and quick. While the soup's heating up, he puts a glass of water in front of her.

"Are you ok, Verona?"

"Yes. Are you ok?"

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"Thank you, Camo."

"For what?"

"For being the best boyfriend in the world."

Camo finishes cooking the soup, bringing it and a spoon over to Verona. He sits in front of her and smiles. She looks up at him and laughs. Camo loves her smile and her laugh. He's reminded of the day she was watching him eat soup and forgot to eat her sandwich.

"Verona, I should go home. It's 9:30."

"Do you want me to take you?"

"No, I can take a taxi. You've had a rough night, you should stay home. I'll see you at work."

Camo gets up and puts his arms around Verona's shoulders, kissing the top of her head before he leaves.

Kalya is on the ground, but I don't care right now. In my mind, she deserved that punch for slapping Camo. How the hell could she do that? What has got her so blinded that she can't see that our daughter loves him? Ugh. I don't even care anymore. I don't care why. I don't care what her problem is. She never answers me anyway, she always gives me some bullshit about how she's afraid for Verona. She has nothing to be afraid of. I'm sick of her crap and sick of putting up with it for so long. Whoo... deep breath, Charles. Don't make any rash decisions in the heat of your anger. I close my eyes for a few seconds, but Kalya hasn't even made any attempt to answer me. I open my eyes and see her standing in front of me with a death glare. Like that's going to scare me or something.

"Verona punched me because she is an ungrateful whore and I can't believe I gave birth to such indecency."

I stuff my hands in my pockets. I wish she wasn't standing up right now because I really want to punch her back down onto the floor. That is so wrong. Do not hit your wife. Do not hit your wife. Do not hit your wife. Stupid Kalya. I hate her so much right now.

"Wrong answer."

I walk past Kalya and go upstairs to the gym. I need to run away. I figure it's better to run on the treadmill so I feel like I'm running away without actually doing it. This is my house that I bought with my money, so there's no way I'm going to leave. Why did I fall in love with her? I was at the rehab center, and she was my caretaker, the one who made sure I was going to all the meetings. She was gentle and loving. Was she just playing me this whole time? I told her I wanted to be a famous director someday and I realized cocaine wasn't going to help me get there. Did she just marry me for my money? I didn't have any money when we first started going out. When did we get married? We got married after I'd had a few movies under my belt and was doing pretty well for myself. Then we had Victor, Verona's brother, and then Verona. Thank God I have a prenup. Why did she sign the prenup if she was after my money? She's obsessed with status, maybe she married me for status and not money. That doesn't make any sense, but of course, she doesn't make sense, so why does that surprise me?


I'm jarred out of my thoughts by Verona, who's timidly standing by the door. I shut off the treadmill and motion for her to come in. We sit on the couch by the wall.

"What's up baby girl?"

"Do you hate me for punching Mom?"

"Oh no, of course not. Nothing you do could ever make me hate you, ok?"

Verona nods, and she looks down at the couch cushions, playing with the fabric.

"Is that all you wanted to say, Verona?"

"No. I wanted to apologize. I mean, she's a bitch, but she's still my mom, and I'm sorry I punched her."

"That's ok. I'm going to be honest with you, I am glad you did because it's not like I can punch her."

"You wanted to punch her too?"

I nod at Verona, a little ashamed that such a violent thought would go through my head. What kind of a man goes around thinking he should punch his wife?

"Do you think I'm a terrible person, Verona? For thinking about stuff like that?"

"No, Daddy. Mom was really making everyone angry tonight, it's not like she didn't give us a reason to want to hit her. Do you know why I punched her?"

Verona is still feeling a little scared. I can see it in her eyes. I wonder why. She knows I'd never hurt her.

"Yes, I do. I saw her slap Camo."

Verona breathes a sigh of relief. Oh, so she thought I didn't see as much as I did.

"Baby girl, it's all right, I saw Camo say he loved you and he'd never hurt you. Then I saw your mom slap him. That was the last straw for me for tonight, anyway. I can't stand to see her. The look on her face after you punched her was priceless, though. I know you don't go around punching your parents for no reason."

Verona laughs and stops playing with the fabric, turning her beautiful blue eyes to me.

"I'm glad I didn't inherit Mom's tendency to go around assaulting everyone for no reason."

"I just can't believe she hit Camo, after how you two were interacting. I don't understand what's got her so blindsided with her focus on this high society stuff. She wasn't always like this. At least I don't think she was. Maybe I just didn't see it before. Oh, I'm just so confused right now, Verona. I'm wondering if she was manipulating me this whole time and I didn't see it until I saw her interact with people other than me, or if she just finally went off the deep end."

"What was she like when you met her?"

"She was nice, but we didn't have children then. I don't know if that's what caused her to start acting like this, I mean I know she was always trying to set you up, but I didn't think that she would really force you to go into an arranged dating scenario. My eyes were really opened tonight after seeing how your mother still insisted on pushing you towards Marcus even after she saw you with Camo. I don't know what she sees, but when I saw you and Camo interacting, it made me feel happy because I could tell he likes you a lot just by the way he looks at you. When we were eating dinner, and you were in your room, he was so worried about you. It's like I'm realizing she won't ever approve of anyone you date unless it's who she wants. I'm torn because I'm your father, and I feel like I should protect you, like it's my duty, but then I have an obligation to be a husband as well. I don't really want to have to pick and choose between my daughter or my wife."

"Daddy, it's not wrong of you to be so disturbed by Mom. Did you know she told me I had to call her Mother because it sounded more appropriate than Mom or Mommy?"

"What? No. That's ridiculous."

"I kept calling her Mom tonight. She made me mad, so I thought, why should I indulge her nonsense?"

"Indulge her nonsense, that's a good way to put it. By putting up with her for this long, I feel like I've been enabling her behavior. I don't know what to do. I'm really mad at her right now. I don't want to break up our family, but I don't like this constant thing hanging over your head. It's driving me crazy that she won't listen to reason."

"I don't know either Daddy, but maybe if you think about who is really the one breaking up the family, it'll give you some insight into what you should do. Good night, Daddy."

Verona has left me with some wise words. She's such a good daughter. Did I raise Verona all by myself even though Kalya was by my side? Verona turned out so much like me, her good nature, her ability to read people's character despite what their outer appearances might say, her willingness to give people a chance. What did Kalya do? She doesn't even see Verona's personality, she just gets mad at her for not doing what she says. Ugh, my head is exploding thinking about this so much. I go down to the pool area and pour myself a drink and sit by the pool. The cool night air feels good. It's refreshing and just what I needed after this nightmare of a day.



  1. It looks like Charles has a lot of thinking to do. Hopefully he makes the right decision for himself and for Verona. It seems they both deserve better.

    1. They do deserve better. ;) Kalya's ridiculous, and Charles is really seeing that now. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Hm. Given that Charles had substance abuse problems before, I am not so sure what to think about the end of this chapter, but whoah! Kayla?!? WTF?! Whore? INDECENCY?! That´s your daughter you are talking about, Miss, how about you go and wash your dirty mouth with some soap?! Jeeze! >.<

    1. Heehee, anna vs. Kalya, and anna for the win! When Kalya said such horrible things about Verona, Charles just about had it with her. I'm glad you caught the substance abuse thing, I wanted to leave it open and leave people wondering because he could go both ways... he's pretty strong on the one hand, so it's possible he's figured how to control himself, or you could base it off his history and say that once an addict, always an addict.

    2. Hey, I am short! So my Dad told me how to fight dirty, so... eat this Kayla *lol*

      Complicated. I´d rather say, based on his history as an addict he needs to be extra careful and control himself much more than other people would have to in his situation
      And it´s very sad to see, too, how he has doubts now if Kayla ever loved him at all :(

    3. Omg, 'eat this Kalya,' that was awesome. She totally needs to eat shit. LMAO.
      Yeah, Charles is having some major doubts because in a previous chapter, he thought he was getting through to Kalya (talking about Absolon staying with them) but now it's like she totally forgot what he said to her, and even worse, it's like she doesn't want to listen to new things he's saying. He feels like her unreasonableness and cruelty now are her true colors that she may have been hiding when he first met her.

  3. Charles would be a lot better off without Kalya. Maybe she did even love him once and didn't marry him for money or status, but things have obviously changed between them. They aren't in the same place at all anymore.

    1. Having children with her definitely changed their marriage dynamic. Like Verona said, "think about who is really breaking up the family," In this case, you are right, things have majorly changed and not for the better.

  4. And then Kayla comes down the stairs and outside, a wine bottle in her hand. She hits Charles over the back of the head and drags his body into the pool, where he drowns. Then, she cashes in his life insurance policy after paying off the coroner.
    I swear I saw that scenario in my head. Yeah, death and destruction don't usually come out of me like that. I prefer sunshine and rainbows.

    Poor Charles. He's got a lot of thinking to do. Maybe by some miracle he can get Kayla to understand how she's nuts for wanting to control her daughter's life.

    1. o_O Haha, that does sound like something she'd do. She's such a bitch, it's ridiculous. I like sunshine and rainbows, but for some reason, it's easier for me to write death and destruction. *shrugs* I guess I'm a dark, disturbing person? Who likes to try to be optimistic? LMAO, that sounds so weird.
      Hmm... I'm not sure about the getting Kalya to understand. She has spent the past few days showing him how much she doesn't want to understand anything he says. He's tried and he just about had it when Kalya called her own daughter a whore.

  5. Kalya really turned into something evil during these past chapters. I never wished for Verona's parents to break up, but now I do. Wonder what Charles will do, poor guy!

    1. Kalya... went crazy. Apparently seeing Verona with a guy that was "lower class" made her nuts. *shakes head* Some people. She's really torturing Charles and she doesn't even get that.

  6. I admit I cheered a little (ok a lot) when Verona decked her mother! She deserved it. I thought long and hard about this chapter, and I think there is something else going on with Kalya, I have a feeling she is acting this way for a reason. Maybe i'm wrong, but I just don't understand why she cant just be happy for her daughter, and let her live her own life. I do like Charles though. I think he should leave Kalya because she is making his life a living hell!

    1. Hehe, she did deserve it after she went around slapping everyone. Who does that? Sheesh. Haha. Charles would agree with you, he doesn't get why Kalya is so controlling, especially after Verona has proven she can function for herself. Charles knows he has probably reached the end of his rope, since he's spent the past few days trying to talk sense into her and she is not even trying to listen.

  7. Charles has some serious thinking to do--with no easy answers to find. Nice chapter!

    1. Thanks! Yes, he does have some thinking to do, as do I, on how to write his decision... as well as figuring out what decision he should make in the first place. =D Thanks for reading and commenting!

  8. Great chapter :) Verona's truly lucky that Charles isn't as full of crap as Kalya is. I understand that Kalya (in her bat crazy mind) thinks what she's doing her her daughter is right, but it's insane! Where I live, people are pretty strongly opinionated about things and practicably shun you if you don't agree, but violence? Charles can A) live with it or B) Get out-or kick her out, since it's his house. Either way, the marriage is beyond repair and Kalya seems almost too blind to realize what she's done...not that she couldn't magically realize everything, but it seems unrealistic for her character type.

    1. Thank you! =D Verona sure is lucky, sheesh, her mother is insane. Charles is at the end of his rope. He's tried and given Kalya more than enough chances to be a normal person, but she's dumb and is taking their marriage for granted. She thinks she's so great that Charles could never possibly dump someone as sophisticated as she is. I agree with you, Kalya realizing she's wrong is a very far stretch.

  9. Grr.

    Poor Charles...
    I've been there.. Caring about someone who manipulates you...
    I really hope he opens his eyes and realizes that he's awesome and even if she wasn't always this way, she is this woman now, and she's not someone who loves him, or someone he would love anymore... :\

    1. Charles is in between a rock and a hard place right now. He's starting to see Kalya for what she is deep down, but he still doesn't know what is going on with everything.

  10. A prenuptial was a good idea. I wonder if the money just went to her head. Maybe Kalya herself is ridiculed by others in her status arena and she feels the need to outdo everyone through her daughter. it's really too bad because Verona is a daughter to be proud of and Charles is a husband to stand by with a head held high. Shameful waste of a marriage and child :(

    1. Kalya is just blinded. It's possibly the riches that have blinded her, but more so the fact that she thinks people with money should act and associate only with others with money. She's not ridiculed by others in her status because people respect the Balestrom name since Charles is famous. Basically Kalya thinks she's better than everyone because she thinks the money she's connected to entitles her to such behavior. Kalya definitely took her marriage and children for granted. If she keeps testing Charles' patience, she is not going to find herself in a happy situation. She doesn't know how lucky she is to have a man like Charles.

  11. Damn Verona! *claps*
    These past few chapter have been so chaotic and I almost feel bad for enjoying this lol...Shit really hit the fan.

    "Verona punched me because she is an ungrateful whore and I can't believe I gave birth to such indecency." OMG literally just said oh my God right now...Holy crap! I'm laughing, I can't take this lol. Kalya is sooo messed up, I can't even... *shakes head*

    It really sucks Camo had to leave like that but at least Verona had her father...Her relationship with Camo and her relationship with her father is too sweet :) Especially when they both admitted they wanted to punch Kalya and they didn't really judge each other despite how bad that kind of was. Their conversation was full of honesty but it was pretty sad at the same time, but Verona kind of his right...Her mom really is the one ruining the marriage at this point.

    When Verona's dad was thinking about the prenup I felt really bad...Kalya is being horrible right now but it sucks seeing a marriage fall apart...I really hope she wasn't after his money when they first met, if so...That's just so messed up.

    1. LOL, nah, don't feel bad for enjoying my stories, I know I write some fucked up shit sometimes, but I think deep down it's cause I enjoy it when truths come out and things can stop being fake.

      Pahaha yes, that line was so fun to type because I kept laughing at how stupid that quote is, and how Kalya thinks that it was something so natural to say. ROFL.

      Yeah Verona and her dad understand what's happening, whereas Kalya, who know where her head is but it's clearly not on earth where sane people reside. Honesty and sadness can happen simultaneously, unfortunately for this family, something's got to be done because Kalya is just ridiculous. She can't just compromise for the sake of her family, so she ends up driving a wedge between her and everyone.


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