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Chapter 28: Fight

I'm disgusted with Verona right now. I don't understand why she can't see happiness when it's looking her in the face. When I saw her in the living room with that boy saying she hated Marcus, I felt like she was throwing away her life. I hated the way he was sitting so close to her with his arm around her, I hated the color of his shirt, how his hair was so unkempt, how he marred his body with that tattoo, how he was looking at her like she was a piece of meat.

"What is your problem, Kalya?!"

I am interrupted from my thoughts by Charles, who sounds really angry. Perhaps Verona gets her outrageous temper from Charles. She for sure did not learn such rude behavior from me. He storms out of Verona's room, his face contorted in an unpleasant expression.

"Verona was being disrespectful."

"That doesn't mean you slap her! She's your daughter, for crying out loud! Besides, choosing who she wants to love is NOT disrespectful!"

"Charles, don't yell. It's not becoming. How do you expect her to learn respect if not by discipline?"

"Are you kidding me right now?! You just beat up our daughter, and you're acting like it's fine! Respect?! You don't know the meaning of the word. Besides, she respects me just fine. She understands respect. It's you who doesn't understand respect!"

"I resent that fact Charles. I understand respect just fine. I am her parent, I know what's best for her. Also, I did not 'beat her up.' She's not bleeding."

I make air quotes when I say beat her up. Charles is overreacting.

"Don't condescend to me, Kalya. I'm not in the mood for your bullshit. One more slap, like you were about to do before I came over, would have made her bleed. For what? You'd make her bleed because she doesn't like Marcus?! Why?! This is a free country, Kalya. Arranged dating is out of date because it's stupid! ARGH!"

Charles throws his hands up in the air and starts pacing. Such language. I don't know why I ever found that attractive about him.

"If that boy would have minded his own business, Verona would have seen the error of her ways."

"THAT BOY?! Really?! That boy has a name, Kalya, and he cares about Verona! Which is more than I can say for you right now."

Charles gets up in my face as he insults me and I reach up to smack the impropriety out of him, but he steps back and grabs my wrist with lightning speed.

"Don't you DARE fucking slap me."

Again with the language. He deserves to be slapped. Charles stands there, glaring at me with such hate in his eyes. I admit I am a little scared right now, but that doesn't change the fact I think he's wrong. I wrestle my hand out of his grasp forcefully and put it down to my side.

"Don't accuse me of not caring about Verona. The girl just needed some discipline. That boy's not good for her."

"You don't even know him! How can you be so judgmental?!"

"Well, for one thing, he's nosy and doesn't know his place. As a guest in our house, he should have looked the other way."

"Oh, what?! So if you were aiming a gun at Verona's head, he should just let you shoot her?! It's called he cares about Verona enough to not want her harmed. If you must know, you made him uncomfortable, and he was very nervous telling me about it."

"I don't need to cater to the likes of someone as mediocre as him."

"ARGH! Just- what- I- FUCK!"

Charles says a bunch of incomplete sentences and some more language. He turns away from me.

"You know what Kalya? You talk of propriety all the time, but you never practice it. We had a guest at our house today and you made a scene in front of him. That's not very proper in my eyes."

"I don't consider him a guest. He's just like that pool boy I caught Verona with a few years ago."

"Damien was a perfectly nice guy that Verona enjoyed spending time with. He did great work on our pool, but you fired him. For what? For having a little fun?"

"Now who's disrespecting Verona?"

Charles glares at me pointedly.

"Verona had fun too. She said Damien was a perfect gentleman and never made her do anything she didn't want to do. I can't believe you still have the nerve to think you're right about this. I don't understand you. It's like I don't even know you right now."

"I could say the same for you, Charles."

"This is ridiculous. YOU are ridiculous. I'm sleeping in a different room tonight because I can't stand you."

My face hurts. Daddy went outside hopefully to kick Mom's ass, and Camo sits with me and the cloth on my cheek. Camo pulls me out of the fetal position and sits behind me, wrapping his arm around me, while burying his face in my hair. I hear lots of yelling. Daddy doesn't normally get this angry, but I'm glad he is because Mom really went crazy today.

"Camo, I'm really sorry this was the day I chose to invite you to my house."

"That's okay. I like your dad a lot."

"You're not uncomfortable?"

"No, cause you're here. I'm thirsty, do you want something to drink? You haven't eaten yet, are you hungry, do you want something to eat too?"

I love this man so much. I squeeze his hand and mumble yes.

Camo takes my hand and we walk out of my room. My demeanor goes cold again when I see Mom still in the foyer. Daddy is nowhere to be found. He must have gotten tired of yelling at her.

"Excuse me, you. Come here."

"Mom, if you touch him I swear, I will kick your ass."

"Nonsense Verona. I just want to talk."

Now Camo looks uncomfortable and I stay with him instead of going to get something to eat.

"What is your name?"

"Camo, ma'am."

"Last name?"

"Uh... I don't have one."

"Nonsense, everyone has a last name. So what is it, hmm?"

"Well, ma'am, I don't."

Crap. Mom, just shut up. I start pulling Camo in the direction of the kitchen, but Mom moves in front of me, shooting me a dirty look.

"Are you an orphan? No parents to give you a last name?"

"I guess. I don't know who my parents are."

"Yes, dear, that's the definition of orphan. What is your intention with my daughter?"

"I love her."

Ha. Mom is stunned. I try again to pull Camo with me, but Mom maneuvers around me again and stands in front of us. She laughs rudely, like Marcus did at the restaurant, and I suddenly get an urge to throw something.

"If you love her, you should know how to mind your manners when you're over at her house, don't you think? Telling my husband what you saw isn't very nice when you're a guest."

Camo's face turns from nervous to irritated.

"I love her, so I felt like I had to tell Charles before she got hurt."

"That was not your place."

Camo gets really irritated now and I can hear it in his voice.

"Look, ma'am, Verona's told me how much she doesn't like being set up and we're perfectly happy together. I'd never hurt your daughter, if that's what you're worried about."

Everything moves incredibly fast as Mom backhands Camo.

He winces. Before I can think about what I'm doing, all my pent up anger towards her kicks in as well as my instincts to defend my boyfriend, and my fist comes in contact with her face.

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  1. Hm. I wonder how much of that last fight Charles has actually witnessed, but one thing I am pretty sure about... this marriage is in ruins, beyond repair... but then again, some marriages are worse and the couple still sticks together...

    Phew. I am glad that Verona has some money in the bank right now :(

    1. Well, if you look carefully at the picture of the far away shot, you can see Charles' legs in the back. He saw Kalya slap Camo, if that's what you were wondering. :D
      The Balestrom family is definitely on the rocks right now.

    2. Ah! I only spotted him in the pick when Verona hits her mother, so I was not sure. Thanks.

      Come to think of it, that remark about Verona´s temper... if she has a temper at all, it´s more likely she got it from mum *lol*

    3. You're welcome. Yeah Camo is in the same position in the close up and the far away shot, and Charles was always on the stairs. Ah-ha! You noticed Kalya's remark too. =D Kalya's view is messed up and distorted, and yeah, Kalya has a temper too, she just thinks the way she shows it is right and everyone else is wrong.

  2. Go Verona!

    I don't condone violence, but man, some people...

    1. Hahaha. In all fairness, Kalya was going around slapping everyone so she brought this upon herself.

  3. Ow OW!!! Fuck yeah, Verona. Woo! Hahaha I'm so happy right now.
    Poor Camo though.. That really makes me angry that she had enough nerve to strike someone she doesn't even know.. >_<

    Ps. Did you change Verona at all? She looks different, but super pretty in this chapter =D
    Looking forward to more!

    1. Yeah... Verona stands up for her man! Kalya is ridiculous. She thinks Camo is below her, like how a king would think a peasant is worth nothing, which justified in her mind that it was okay to slap him. Which of course is stupid. He's a fucking person and you don't just go around slapping your house guest.

      Oh thank you! Verona has a new shirt, the new CC I cried about downloading this morning, LOL, and some blonde highlights in her hair. Otherwise I didn't change her facial features or anything like that... =D

  4. So glad it was Verona that popped the evil witch and not Camo. That would have gone poorly for him. I would only say this about a sim...but...I hope Verona cave the witches cheekbone in. LOL!!! I really don't like that woman at all.

    1. Heeheee... Camo is polite, he does know "his place" as Kalya kept saying. No one likes her right now, her family really doesn't like her either. Die, Kalya, die! LOL. She's starting to get what's coming to her, first with being punched in the face...

  5. Wow, Kalya has decided she knows what's right and won't listen to anyone. And then she goes around slapping people right and left.
    Charles has been on the edge with her for awhile, trying to keep his marriage and remember the girl he fell in love with, but I think he's seeing that girl is gone and what she's become now is...well, that crazy bitch.
    I loved the pic of Charles at the end.

    And of course Camo, being such a sweetheart to Verona. It's sad how blind Kalya is to that.

    1. O_O --> Charles. LMAO. His family is falling apart around him. =( I love that pic of him too. Poor Charles, he's been nothing but understanding and trying to reason with Kalya, but she has her head up her ass. Some people are just so stupid and can't see how good they have things. Camo loves Verona, and he said it twice, but Kalya didn't even hear his words, and still treated him like dirt. Crazy brainwashed bitch she is <-- Yoda voice

  6. Hellz Yah!!!!!
    Oh, I am so living vicariously through Verona right now!
    *big silly, ridiculous grin on face*
    That woman had that coming for a long while now!
    I can't believe she hit Camo. She is delusional.

    1. She's lost her marbles, and it could cost her... she just has her head too far up her ass to realize it. Hehehe. How ironic, her talking about propriety all the time and then being the rudest person out of everyone. Haha. =) Glad you liked it.

  7. Oooh I'm so glad she got to deck her mother across the face! I cheered! I'm not a violent person but I think she deserved that. Poor Charles having to be married to someone so vindictive and bitter who can't even be happy that her daughter is happy. Camo treats Verona so well, and you would think that would be more then enough! Ugh. It makes me wonder whats going to happen down the road with there marriage. Camo was so sweet and polite that I just wanted to hug him.

    1. I always want to snuggle Camo when I go into my game save. Haha. He definitely knows his manners, and how to treat people. Even when he got irritated, he still called Kalya ma'am. For some people I guess *cough Kalya cough* love just isn't enough. Money and status have to come with or it's not even worth pursuing. I don't get those people. Charles hasn't been happy with Kalya for a while now, and he was hoping if Kalya could see Verona happy it would make her see the light. Clearly she's beyond the point of even trying to realize anything. She better get her head out of her ass fast before her world crumbles around her.

    2. Yup! Exactly. He cares so much about Verona that he even treats that evil wench with respect. What a gentleman. I can think of a lot of ways I'd like to torture Kalya. But to your credit as a writer, our extreme hatred of her is a complement to your skills :)

    3. Thanks so much! Kalya... *shakes head* she's like the evil bitch on those soap operas that everyone wants to strangle/punch/beat up/spit on/throw off a cliff, LMAO. I'm glad that Camo's politeness transferred into this chapter so well. I didn't proof this one as much as I do the others because I was so excited to post it, but yea... I'm glad it turned out well. =D

  8. Yeah Verona! It was nice to hear Kayla's opinion, but she's such a blind freaking idiot....I'm glad Charles tried to talk to Verona…and the marriage has gone to hell. On a happier note, Camo's so sweet!


    1. Is Blogger not letting you put Allie into the name section when you post comments?
      Heehee. I wanted to do Kalya & Verona's opinions in this chapter since I did Charles & Camo's in the other chapter. Also, from Kalya's opinion, people could see how delusional she really is. Camo is sweet, isn't he? Haha.

  9. Well.. so that's what you meant.

    *snicker snicker*
    It was good of you to keep it under wraps.
    I know how tempting it is when the juicy parts are coming up :)

    1. What in the comments? Ah, yes. I like to keep things a secret. *evil grin* Cause I like to make my readers go o_O what the fuck just happened? In a good way of course. =D It's no fun to have everything revealed so quickly.

  10. Wow! Kalya is really loosing it, she's just going around slapping everyone! Verona had no choice but to hit her back. I picture Kalya in the back of a police car right now with a black eye trying something new: Getting arrested.
    What will Charles do now?

    1. Charles doesn't even know right now what the fuck is going on. LMAO, she would be so out of place in a police car, except not really because she could be charged with assault, so it would be completely justifiable. Haha.

  11. Camo's adorable and so kind and sweet to Verona...I wanted to punch Kalya as well. She's got everyone against her; there's no fixing the damage done. Verona had someone who loves her and will protect her from harm's way, why can't Kalya see that. Besides, she's at risk of losing everything if Charles decides that he's had enough-she needs to make adjustments quickly.

    1. Kalya is taking her marriage for granted. She has no idea how ridiculous she looks to everyone else. Apparently she's blind to the other aspect of a relationship, which is love. She's only seeing the relationship in terms of money, power, and status. Luckily, Verona has figured out that love is important. Camo is adorable. I love him. =D

  12. I had all these thoughts on a reply in my head, then I get to the last picture and see Charles' face and died from laughter.... oh my! *LOL* That was a bad situation completely. I think that Kalya is going to find herself homeless.

    1. ROFL, I love using that face on the Sims. I read this again, and laughed as well. XD Kalya's an idiot and she'll get what she deserves.

  13. WOW soooo much drama! Me gusta lmao :D

    OMG Verona's mother...Ugh! Let your daughter live her own freaking life...And she's complaining about the color of his shirt...REALLY?! -_- I'm sorry but that's just over the top. And his hair is fine that way it is...Not everyone wants a perfectly prim and proper look *rolls eyes and shakes fist at Kalya* Lol.

    "Are you kidding me right now?! You just beat up our daughter, and you're acting like it's fine! Respect?!" YES Charles, you tell her! I don't understand how she doesn't see that she was wrong, and she justifies it just because Verona wasn't bleeding. THAT DOESN'T MATTER! A hit is a hit, that's fucking physical abuse Kalya, open your eyes! -_-

    "If that boy would have minded his own business, Verona would have seen the error of her ways." Is she serious...She put their business on full display when she started slapping her...I mean yeah Camo may have known about Marcus and all of that but as far as her mother being a witch, he wouldn't have known all that if she didn't go and smack Verona across the face.

    "Well, for one thing, he's nosy and doesn't know his place. As a guest in our house, he should have looked the other way." OMG she's just extra ridiculous and hypocritical in this chapter...Wow. Is she blind or something? Does she not realize that she SLAPPER her DAUGHTER....How could Camo ignore that? That's just human nature to at least care for someone and react to a situation like that :/

    What the hell...I really can't deal with Kalya. First she argues with her husband and to make things worse she talks shit to Camo about being an orphan...That's rude as hell. And then she back hands him.... *moment of silence*
    I have to read the next chapter omg...Verona just punched her mother in the face...Is it bad that I'm smiling right now? :P *blush*

    1. shit sorry I didn't realize that was part of a quote lol...No error there.

    2. LOL! Yeah, Kalya's now being nitpicky, the color of his shirt... seriously... and his hair is HOT. She just doesn't know a good thing when she sees one. She's just making assumptions about everything.

      IKR? She slapped her own child, twice, and she thinks it's fine because her child isn't a bloody pulp. LOL. Charles on the other hand is normal and yeah, he was so angry.

      Pahaha, uh huh, she doesn't know she's being a total hypocrite and contradicting herself with her actions vs. her words. Camo did what he thought was right because he wanted to protect Verona, but all Kalya sees is him meddling, when ironically, she's been the one meddling this whole time. She's also dumb because there's nothing wrong with Verona telling Camo a little bit about her life, that's what good couples do. *rolls eyes*

      Haha, Kalya... just... no words. LOL. She definitely didn't take Verona's threat seriously, and she touched Camo, so Verona kicked her ass. XD Nah, it's not bad, I laughed a lot when I wrote this because of the ridiculous-ness I put in here. :D


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