Saturday, March 9, 2013

Chapter 4: Purity

I'm hearing a lot about pure natures. Can you describe that a little more?

Yes. The Leader was convinced the outside world was filled with evil and disease. He wound us up so tight that most of us were terrified to leave, even though we didn't like it there. Pure nature was something he taught that said because we were residents of the Compound, we were cleaner than the outside world. We weren't contaminated like The Strangers were.

Titanium and Camo are sitting together in a room filled with chairs that face a large projection screen. Some of the other Compound residents are there as well. The Leader is in the front of the room getting ready to make an announcement.

"Hello Residents. Welcome to Movie Night. This is a movie about the history of this town and how the Compound came to its rescue."

He goes to the back of the room and pushes a button. The movie starts playing.

Silicon Shores. A town that lures Sims to fame and fortune only to find despair and misery. Don't let the palm trees and sunny beaches fool you, residents. Silicon Shores is a town full of sadness and evil. 

Titanium whispers in Camo's direction.

"Is that The Leader's voice?"

"Yeah, I think so."

This girl was looking for her fortune. After getting turned down by this movie production company, she has lost all hope. Now she's being harassed by a homeless man. She might end up homeless if she can't find work in this town. Not that there is much work in this town that doesn't revolve around selling your body or gambling.

"Please, miss, I need some money, do you have any change?" 

The girl wanders for a while. She has nowhere to go. She was brought here on false pretenses. This is what The Strangers love to do to people.

A few more scenarios play, all of people who had their dreams shattered.

This is when The Compound stepped in to help. I saw all the evil and dirt that was created when those dreams were shattered, and I wanted to save these people from their impure, broken spirits and give them a better life, a purer life. I wanted to give them a home where they could feel a sense of belonging and where they could feel loved.

How did you feel after watching that movie?

I wasn't quite sure what to think, to be honest with you. I had nothing to compare the movie to. The only thing I knew about was that there were in fact palm trees and sunny beaches. I'd never had dreams before. I didn't even know I could.

Titanium and Camo are sitting in their room after deciding to skip the class about The Strangers.

"That movie was stupid."

"Camo, you think everything's stupid."

"No, I don't. I don't think you're stupid."

Titanium is a little shocked by that statement. Camo is actually being nice again. He shifts in his chair a little bit and smiles at Camo.

"Do you ever dream of stuff?"

"Not really. I don't know what to dream about. It's like my head is blank."

"I do. I dream what it'd be like to play in the water or be outside in the sun."

"We were just outside in the sun yesterday."

"Not like that! Like really outside. Of my own will, not stuck at some dumb food booth with that suck up Zinfandel. Like sitting on the beach. What does sand even feel like? Stuff like that."

Titanium laughs when Camo makes fun of Zinfandel. He doesn't like her much either. She's a lot to handle when she tries to explain why they should follow the rules. He knows about the rules just as much as she does, but he feels she actually likes the rules.

Zinfandel and the teacher are in the classroom waiting for Titanium and Camo.

"Zinfandel, do you know where the boys are?"

"No, Miss Teacher. I haven't seen them since the movie."

"All right. Maybe they are sick. Let's carry on without them."

When the class is over, the teacher pulls out her walkie talkie.

"Mr. Leader, sir, this is Petunia. Titanium and Camo were not in class today."

"Thank you Petunia. That will be all."

"Yes, Mr. Leader, sir."

The Leader is not pleased  with the news that Titanium and Camo have skipped class. He goes to their room and knocks on the door.


Camo motions for Titanium to stop talking because he thinks he hears something outside their room.

"Boys? I know you're in there. I'm coming in. Why did you skip class today? It's important for you to learn the lessons. They will help you retain your purity. You shouldn't waste time in your room when you should be in class. I will have to punish both of you."

"There is a broken sink in the kitchen and some dirty counters. Put the food away and clean the counters. There are also beds to be made. The toilet needs to be cleaned. The marker board in the classroom needs to be wiped off and all pencils and notebooks put away. Do not skip class again. I will not go easy on you next time."

Camo looks at The Leader and smirks.

"Why do you get to wear shorts?"

The Leader's face grows angry and he points at Camo. "DO NOT question things." Then he leaves the room.

"What a douche."

Camo and Titanium go out to the kitchen and start on their punishment. Camo works on fixing the sink while Titanium cleans up.

What did it feel like to know that there were always people spying on you?

Uneasy. Uncomfortable. Tense. It caused me to have trust issues. The identity of the reporter was always kept secret. Everyone was always watching everyone else, so you always had to be on your best behavior.

It's break time again, and I am hungry. Mrs. Balestrom smiles at me and walks over to Camo. It looks like they want to be alone so I decline asking them to join Absolon and I for dinner.

I walk over to Camo and look into his sexy brown eyes. I can't get enough of them.

"Hey, Camo, do you want to grab a bite to eat?"

"Sure, baby."

I take Camo to the restaurant where we had our first real date. I remember him being adorably nervous and unsure how to act.

Absolon and I stay at the studio. It's got a nice apartment in the back for the four of us to live in while we do this documentary. He makes us a dinner of Goopy Carbonara. I love watching him cook. It reminds me of when I first saw him.


  1. Hm, Creepy. This chapter reminds me of the propaganda and surveillance system in the GDR

    1. This was loosely based on the crap I was fed, and the fact that it reminds you of the GDR is extra creepy. LOL. Of course, the walkie talkie bit is made up for the story, but I did feel like people were always spying on me. One day I did skip one of their meetings because I didn't like it, and someone came knocking on my door trying to convince me to go.

  2. Okay, so The Leader thinks the outside world is unpure. That makes sense.
    I laughed a little when Camo had the balls to ask The Leader why he got to wear shorts. :)

    Did those scenarios in the 'movie' actually happen? I think I can gather that they did, but I was curious.


    1. No, the scenarios didn't actually happen. I've always wanted to work in the film industry as an actress, but they would always tell me how 'sinful' that was and that it wasn't the 'right' path because I should be devoting myself to them.
      LOL. The shorts thing was a total thing my game did. When I had The Leader in CAS, I only really paid attention to his everyday wear. When I clicked sleep wear, I was satisfied with that robe thing the game gave him and didn't zoom out, so I didn't actually know he was wearing shorts. When I went to take the screenshot of him and I noticed that he was wearing shorts, I knew I had to make Camo ask about it.

  3. Ugh! It gave me another error again, even after I typed a comment.. Sigh.

    But, it pretty much said great update.
    I liked when Camo asked why the leader got to wear shorts, haha.
    On to read the next chapter, and hopefully this comment will post this time. I need to start remembering to copy the comment before publishing it so I stop losing them.

    1. I see you changed your handle. :)

      The comment messed with you again? Grr. I'll go yell at it for you. It must have been a thing with Blogger. Sometimes it freaks out when I'm trying to publish a post (thank God for autosave) and then it's like 'sorry can't post.' I've taken to copying the comment as a just in case.

      LOL. Camo is such a fun character to write. His personality cracks me up.

  4. I'm reminded of Scientology sort of. I mean, I used to live in Hollywood, and The Scientology foundation has bought up so many buildings in the area, and even got a street renamed after L. Ron Hubbard. They get a lot of aspiring actors and actresses to join. So, your documentary the kids had to watch just kind of screamed Scientology to me, lol.

    Anyway, great chapter!
    I love that the Leader gets to wear shorts. =P

    1. Thank you! The Leader wearing shorts was an accident done by me when I created him in CAS that became a great thing I could add to the story to show his hypocrisy. Sometimes my mistakes help me out. ;)
      LOL. That is ironic that you were reminded of Hollywood since I'm playing this game save in Starlight Shores (I just renamed it to a different town).

  5. I'm liking all of this forewarning! Like with how the couples met, and what has happened before that. It makes you wonder! I'm really liking this story so far :) Great work :)

    1. Thanks! Haha, I had lots of fun challenging myself writing this way, and having to connect everything from the past into the present. :)

  6. "DO NOT question things." Lol
    I have a weird feeling some of the kids are actually undercover and just listening to the other kids.
    They should revolt against the leader. Why should they do all the work while he sits on his ass?
    The world is cold, there's good and bad people...They should show the kids that instead of just preaching nonsense to them.
    Silicon Shores reminds me of Hollywood...I've always wanted to go there but my friend went and said there was alot of prostitutes there O.o

    That whole little movie about the girl chasing her dreams was pretty sad...It reminded me of someone I know in real life... A girl in my church, well she was actually the pastors daughter but she was home schooled, couldn't wear makeup, couldn't straighten her hair because apparently that was a 'sex symbol' according to him, it was crazy and eventually she became anorexic because she felt like that was the only thing she could control...They didn't take her to the doctor because they believed in 'natural healing' and they waited till the last minute until she started losing her hair...She's better now but it's obvious she's still not happy. I will never forget the day they invited me over for dinner and her father was controlling how fast they ate and what they ate..It was pretty awkward.

    I just don't understand why they're so afraid of the world and say "Gays will burn in hell" ...He's really over the top sometimes we recited a creed in church one time we even sang without music it was so weird...I told my mom it felt like a cult and she laughed and agreed, we go to church but don't take everything literally.My bff is gay so I can't say he's going to hell just because of that.

    It's never too late to chase your dreams, if you want to act do it. How is acting 'sinful'..You have choices in what you do. A family-friend of mine is doing acting in the city and a bunch of stuff like that...He chooses gay roles, straight roles, does independent movies and things like that but yeah, he pretty much does what he wants, or if he's too uncomfortable he won't accept the role.

    Sorry for the long ass comment, I promise the others won't be as long.

    1. Undercover? No, there's no undercover stuff going on. It's the teaching that everyone needs to be accountable for everyone, so spying on each other is a natural occurrence, and tattling is encouraged among everyone, even grownups. Haha, yeah they should revolt, but for now, they're still brainwashed so they don't even know where to begin with that. Obviously, you know they got out, so that kind of stuff did happen, eventually. They don't show the teens the real truth because they want to keep the kids in the cult, they don't want people knowing there's things like free will, hence their nonsense teachings. I agree, when I played in that town, it actually has a "Hollywood" sign in Simlish. LOL. It's actually the Showtime town, Starlight Shores, I just renamed it, inspired by Silicon Valley in California. ROFL. A little behind the scenes info for you. ;) I went to Los Angeles for my honeymoon, and I loved it. I didn't see any prostitutes, LOL, I am sure they hang out in a certain part of LA, but apparently not the area I was in. :D

      Yes! Your example of that girl you knew where her father controlled everything, and that sex symbol example, that was exactly what a previous chapter's class taught the kids, when Zinfandel was asking "Why are makeup and jewelry bad?" These Compound people are those who think like that girl's dad.

      It's not that they're afraid of the world, it's that they have such a high and mighty view of themselves, that they feel the need to control everything and everyone around them. At least, that's what I gathered from the people in the cult I was in. I believe it all boils down to control.

      I never understood how acting was sinful either, LOL. I heard it so much and I just thought people who told me that were crazy. Acting is telling a story through a movie or tv show, it can inspire people, hell, I know some movies have inspired me a lot, and a movie actually saved my life. I was feeling pretty down and suicidal due to stuff the cult had done to me over the years, and I had just recently left, but then I watched a movie that I completely related to, and I suddenly remembered what I had to live for. So to me, acting is pretty damn special. LOL.

    2. You're so lucky you got to go there! I just really want to see the beaches and the San Andreas fault line...Since they say one day California will be an island.

      The more I keep on reading this story I make connections to these people and my church....I always felt they were extremists but never really said anything because I don't let the things he preaches about actually change my way of thinking. It does have to do with control, they don't want to be the underdogs in society. One time he told me that within 5 seconds LITERALLY 5 seconds of a song he could tell if it was "satanic" or not...I just laughed at him.

      If you don't mind me asking...What was the movie that saved your life? It's fine if you don't want to say it. Of course acting is special...It moves people like it did to you :)
      You're too amazing to quit suicide, thank god you changed your mind...I feel like there's always something to live for but then again I can't speak for everyone. I'm glad you're better <3

    3. T_T That part makes me sad about California eventually becoming an island. I know it's just the nature of land erosion, but it still makes me sad. LOL.

      LOL, that thing about satanic music made me laugh. Does he think that if you play a song backwards the devil speaks to you too? XD Your church sounds like a fundamentalist extreme church from what you've told me. That's kind of creepy. o.O

      No, I don't mind at all. The name of the movie that saved my life is Equilibrium. ♥ Aww, thank you! Heehee. *hugs*

    4. Lol I'm not sure if he believes in playing music backwards but I was curious about that years ago and I really think it's fake...There's no way someone would take that much time to put demonic messages in their song and then reverse the track and start singing normal stuff...That just doesn't make logical sense lol. We are an Evangelical curse...I'm not exactly sure what that means...But yeah lol.

      I looked up the movie...It looks interesting, if I can find it for free I'll watch it.

    5. Church* Idk where the 'curse' part came from lol.

    6. LOL, yeah that cult I was part of claimed to be a branch of the evangelical church, I think they were just extreme fundamentalists, and it was such a fine line for them to be walking between a legit church and a cult. *shivers* IKR? I always think like seriously? Who would sit there and take that much time to put demonic messages in a song? So stupid. Them claiming there's "bad" music is just them trying to shove ideas in people's heads that certain music is wrong just because they themselves don't like it. LOL.

      Eee I hope you find the movie, it's so good. Haha, at least I think so. XD

    7. Equilibrium is amazing and one of my favourite movies! I'm glad it saved your life. Not so glad you relate to it. That's kind of scary. So I read before what you said about being part of a cult and I am so sorry you went through that. It sounded like you were in a "Christian" one. I hope you don't think that's how all of us act, but I know there are plenty of Christians that give the decent ones a bad name. I'm a Christian that's more liberal than conservative and an extreme fighter for equal rights of all races and genders and sexualities, so just know not all Christians are cultists wanting to brainwash you. :)

    8. Hello! Thank you for stopping by and commenting! Yeah, I had the misfortune to be stuck in a cult that used Christian values in a terrible way. LOL.
      You don't have to worry though, I grew up in a Protestant church, one which was actually a real church, not a cult, so I've always been a Christian. I was one even before the cult days, but of course, the cult people were like "You're not a real Christian unless you follow our rules and practices." *rolls eyes so hard at them*

      LOL, thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment! I hope you are enjoying the story too. :)


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