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Chapter 20: Misunderstood

NOTE: I rebuilt The Compound lot, so that it's one giant lot now. I got tired of adding onto the tiny house I bought for them a long time ago. I thought you guys might like to see the buildings I've done so far. All screenshots from here on out will be taken in this new lot.

Silicon Shores Bookstore

I only have an outside shot of this one. I kept the layout on the inside as similar as I could, except for a few windows, which I added on to make it look more like a store. The stage Absolon performs on is now blue tile because I couldn't get the platform tool to work. Sometimes I might use the street shot of the actual rabbit hole bookstore in Starlight Shores, so it might look different. There's a cool billboard on the street outside of the real bookstore.

The Compound

Yaaay, NOT, burn it down! I had to move the sign to the other side because the pedestrian crossing was in my way and I was too lazy to go into Edit Town so I could move it. I also added more fountains, otherwise, the inside looks pretty much the same.

The Balestrom Mansion

I have three pictures of this one. The first is the front gate that you have to drive through by interacting through the intercom. Love that you can see the Hollywood/Simlywood sign (as I like to call it) from their house. Now that I think about it, the red car looks more like a Lambo (short for Lamborghini FYI) than the blue one. *facepalm* If I change Verona's car later to the actual Lambo, that will be why.

The Front of the Mansion

This is the view from the carpark just inside the gate. It's the front of the mansion, with the pool on the right hand side. I realize it's not like a full blown mansion, but I only built the rooms I needed for now in the story which are kitchen, dining room, Absolon's room/guest room, living room, Charles/Kalya's room, Verona's room (which hasn't actually been shown in the story yet), and the pool. Again I tried to keep the layout the same. The dining room table has changed because I found something that looked more like rich people would own it.

The Pool Area

I completely redid the pool area because I hated it before. At the old house, I put the pool where there was space and crammed the mini bar, lounge chairs, and grill into an *itty bitty living space.* So now the pool is much better. It has a diving board, and space heater lamp thingys, which I love. The door there is to Charles and Kalya's bedroom.

As for Enigma/Andromeda/teenage Absolon's house, I don't have that built yet only because I didn't have them in this chapter. Also when I do "teenage Absolon" I just change adult Absolon's hairstyle cause I don't want to have to deal with the different ages. That's why he's the same height as his parents.  Just think of him as a tall 16 year old. LOL. Now, on to the story and thanks for listening to the new changes! I love you all and your continued support for this story!

~ LateKnightSimmer ~

What was the point of having roommates?

The Leader gave us roommates to make us think it was because he didn't want us to be lonely, but it was really so that there would always be someone close by to spy on us.

"Welcome, class. Today we are going to be talking about safety. This house keeps you safe. I realize that as adults you might feel like you are mature enough to go out on your own and do things for yourself, which is true to a point. However, you must always keep in the back of your mind that this house is your haven. You have roommates so that you will always have at least one friend here whom you can count on. If you aren't already friends with your roommate, we encourage you to become friends with them. Make them your ally."

"Why do we always talk about safety? I get it already. The world is dangerous, so this house is the only place I won't get hurt. I'm not stupid, I remember what you tell me."

Camo as usual is mouthing off to the teacher. He's annoyed that he's having to repeatedly listen to the same boring lessons all the time. His curiosity is getting the best of him and he wants to know more of the world besides the bookstore.

"Camo, I don't think you're stupid. I emphasize certain topics because The Leader has deemed them of great importance, and this is the lesson scheduled for today."

"What is so wrong with taking risks? I feel like being safe is boring me to tears."

"Camo, you need to stop."

"Why? I hate it here!"

"Camo! That's enough! In time, you will remember your gratitude to this house for raising you to be the fine young man you are today. Everything that you need is right here."

After class, Camo and Titanium are going to work. Camo is pissed off after the class he just had. He's sick and tired of safety. It's not that he wants to purposely seek out danger, but he wants to experience life. He looks at Verona and sees that she's always fine when she comes to work, so it's possible for people to survive in it apart from The Compound. He knows there's always danger, and he'd be lying to himself if he said it didn't scare him, but he still wants to take the risk. He's tired of just existing in the world, he wants to live in it. He needs change in his life, the monotony of Compound life is boring him to death. He wonders if Titanium ever feels the same way.

"Camo? You're really quiet today, are you all right?"

"No. I'm tired of being safe all the damn time, Titanium. I feel like I'm not living life. Like me being in the world is pointless if I can't experience any of it. That class really made me angry today. I want to do something different. Class, work, class, sleep, weekly gathering, rinse and repeat, is not my idea of life."

"Hmm.... that's interesting. I am bored too, but too scared to say anything to the teacher about it."

"Well, you don't have to say anything to the teacher, it's not like she's going to help us with the boredom. I mean, I like it that we work here because it's my only escape from that stupid place, but there's got to be more, you know?"

"Yeah. What do you want to do about it?"

"Are you saying you want to help me with this? That's such a risk, Titanium."

Camo jokingly mocks Titanium a little for his unwillingness to take risks, even though he likes that Titanium may be starting to think for himself. He's still a little unsure about how he wants to fix his boredom, but he thinks Verona might be the key.

"Yeah, I want to help. I've been scared my whole life, but I trust you, and I really had fun with Absolon the other day. I mean, I still had mental blocks, but I did genuinely have fun. It's not like anything I've ever experienced, and I want more of it."

"You had fun with him? That's great, dude. I told you it would be fine."


Just at that moment, Verona pulls into the parking lot. She gets out of the car and Camo is happy to see her until he sees Absolon getting out as well. Suddenly he feels upset, but he doesn't know why. I should be in the car with her, not him. What the hell? Why am I mad? I don't know, but I just am. He thought Absolon liked Titanium, but now he's not sure. He thinks his anger may be residual from his sour mood caused by class, but all of a sudden he doesn't want to talk to Verona today. Camo storms into the store before Verona can greet him.

Camo looks super pissed off today, I wonder what's wrong with him. The way he ignored me when I arrived is a little bit disconcerting. I don't know what I did to make him angry. He does look positively sexy when he's angry, but I don't like that I might have upset him. We had such a great time the other day, I wonder what changed.

"Camo? Are you all right?"

"Why do people keep asking me if I'm all right? Yes, I'm all right. Geez."

Camo walked away from me, and I can tell he's obviously not okay. I guess I should just give him his space since it sounds like he's having a bad day.

A few hours later, I heard Camo talking to Titanium about Absolon being in my car this morning. Is that what he's mad about? He thinks I'm cheating on him? Oh, I need to straighten this out fast.

"Um, Camo?"


He's still agitated, I don't blame him for it, but giving him space didn't really help, at least not yet. I'll just tell him what I figured out and if he's still mad at me, then I'll stop talking to him for the rest of the day.

"I heard you talking to Titanium, and I wanted to clear-"

"So now you're eavesdropping on my conversations?! Seriously, I thought I could be spared being spied on while I am at work! Obviously that isn't the case!"

Oh shit, I just made it worse. No, baby, I'm not spying on you. Damn. Camo left again, and I felt uncomfortable because I wondered what he meant by he thought he could be at work and not be spied on... that night, for the first time, he left work without once looking in my direction.

Zinfandel has gone out on her own to the consignment shop, looking through the pretty clothes and artwork on display. She wishes she could wear pretty clothes like the girls she sees walking down the street, but she quickly pushes that thought out of her mind as she remembers why she needs to dress like she does.

"Zinfandel! Why the hell are you not home yet?!"

Zinfandel is startled by a gruff voice behind her. The Leader is there, and his face is red with anger.

"I'm sorry, I lost track of time. How did you know I wasn't back yet?"

"Zinfandel! Don't ask stupid questions! Your roommate said you weren't back yet! I was so worried about you! Don't you know you could get hurt out here after nightfall?!"

Zinfandel feels embarrassed and stupid because she forgot to check her watch for the time. All she wanted to do was be a good resident, and now she's gone and messed up yet again.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Leader, sir, I didn't mean to worry you. I didn't mean anything by it."

The Leader's face becomes calm, and he smiles at Zinfandel.

"I know, my daughter, I just got so worried that you had been hurt. You know I love you and want you to be safe. Come, let's go home."

A look of relief passes over Zinfandel's face and her heart stops racing as she sees the acceptance in The Leader's eyes. She's glad she won't get put in Isolation again, and she likes that The Leader cares about her.

I can't stop the tears from falling as I drive Absolon and I home after work. It's deathly quiet in the car as I'm sure I'm making Absolon uncomfortable, but my heart hurts today and I'm not going to lie about how I feel. After we pull into the driveway, Absolon crosses over to my side of the car as I get out. I shut the door and lean against it, still crying.

"What's wrong, Verona?"

"I think Camo thinks I'm cheating on him with you."

"Why? Just cause we drove together?"

"Yeah, like he thinks we're living together or something since you used to be homeless."

Ugh. I realize how stupid that sounds because technically Absolon is living with me, but not like that.

"He was so cold to me today, and I think I love him. It makes me so sad to think I hurt him."

"Did you try talking to him?"

"Yeah, but he kept brushing me off and didn't give me a chance to explain. He just kept either walking away from me or hanging out with Titanium."

"I did notice that, I didn't really get to talk to Titanium at all today. Do you want me to talk to Camo?"

"Thank you, but you don't have to do that. I need to work this out with him."

Absolon gave me a hug and I continued crying on his shoulder.

"It's going to be okay, Verona. I see how Camo looks at you. That boy loves you."

Credit: Mypalsim's Poses for Sims 3


  1. Oh Camo *sigh* as lif life wasn´t complicated enough already...

    1. Poor Camo doesn't know what is going on since he has never been allowed to have a relationship before. He doesn't even know what cheating is, but his human instinct and fondness of Verona is causing natural jealous feelings to surface.

  2. Oh, poor Camo! It's too bad he shut Verona out instead of talking to her.
    It is nice to see him starting to want to break out of the Compound routine and take a few risks out in the real world. Hopefully him getting bummed out over this misunderstanding doesn't set him back.

    Poor brainwashed Zin! I just want to grab her and snatch her away from that stupid cult!

    1. Poor Camo is having a bad day. He would probably have acted differently if he hadn't been so pissed off about the lesson he had earlier in the day. Camo's always wanted to be away from The Compound, but he didn't know how. Now that he knows some people who aren't part of it, he thinks they can help. He's experiencing jealousy for the first time as he has never been allowed to be in a relationship, so he mostly doesn't understand what he's feeling. Yeah, Zinfandel is the eternal people pleaser, which is the perfect personality for The Leader to manipulate.

  3. Ughh, CAMO! Wth man? Just because you've never been in love before and don't know what the feelings you have are doesn't mean she's cheating on you if she gets out of the car with Abs!? It's love, silly! Lol I hope things get worked out between them, I'm glad that Abs was there for her though, that was sweet.
    Titanium, I'm glad you're stating to think more like Camo, it makes me happy. :D
    Poor Zinfandel, the leader literally scared her shitless into getting her to not stay out like that again, then went all soft and conniving! ARG.
    Great update :D

    1. Awww, it's okay, Camo just had a really shitty day and doesn't know what hell is happening. Verona was actually the one who thought he got the impression she was cheating, cause he doesn't actually know about the concept of cheating. Verona let her feelings get to her and she wasn't able to use her judgment because she was, for lack of a better phrase, letting her love blind her. She kind of freaked out a little when Camo was being all annoyed at her because she really likes him. Titanium is starting to realize things, slowly but surely! The Leader drives me crazy to write because he's all manipulative and so ass-holey. :) Thanks for commenting!

  4. Wow. Your story is really interesting...opening up a lot of issues for me... but very interesting. Look forward to another chapter.

    1. Holy wow, did you just read this whole thing?! I'm impressed. I know what you mean about the issues, I sometimes have a hard time processing things I write about here, and sometimes it affects me in bad ways. It is still healing, but sometimes residual crap comes up to piss me off. :) Thank you so much for reading this and commenting! :)

  5. I wonder what The Leader was really doing at the consignment shop. I have a feeling it wasn't to go and look for Zinfandel. Of course, I always want to find hidden agendas and the like. I think he just happened upon her.

    I sure hope Camo and Verona figure out their problems!

    1. LOL. When I wrote it, he really was just going to find Zinfandel cause her roommate reported her not back yet. That's interesting though, to think he had a hidden agenda. :)
      Camo and Verona will be okay. They just had their first fight. <3

      Thanks for reading and commenting! :)

  6. lol. I totally understand.
    poor Camo just doesn't have experience with these things.
    It's hard to reason away emotions you can't name and don't understand.

    1. Haha, Camo's so confused in this chapter. He has a bunch of new things all coming down on his head and he doesn't know what to do besides be annoyed at everything. He was having one of those days where everything annoys the shit out of you. LOL.

  7. Camo is definitely restless, and has so little real experience he jumps to conclusions. poor guy
    I hope that Titanium can help clear up that misunderstanding. It would certainly boost his confidence.

    I do not like Mr Leader. I really do fear for Zinfandel.

    1. *cries* Camo had a shitty day today. He experienced jealousy for the first time, and Verona was so worried about it she thought the worst as well. They've just had their first fight. Titanium was there to listen to Camo vent because he's a good friend. =)

      Ew. Mr. Leader. He's so ew. LOL. The fact that Zinfandel is so sucked into wanting to be a good resident is creepy, as is the fact that she doesn't have a clue she's being manipulated. She just thinks everything is her fault.

  8. No, no, no! Someone needs to smack some sense into Camo! Ahhh! Well, I guess he doesn't know any better, poor boy! There must be a tidal wave of feelings that have come with his relationship with Verona, ones that he hasn't been exposed to because of his childhood!
    Oh my god... the leader is seriously freaking me out! What is his obsession with Zin? He always seems to be on her case... I have an odd feeling that she is not safe... not at all.

    1. LOL, Camo just had a really bad day, and now he's experiencing jealousy for the first time, so he doesn't even know what is going on. He's just. Mad. At everything.
      >:D The Leader was designed to freak people out, He likes to control people, and Zinfandel is one of the residents he can easily control because she always says yes and thinks that he's right. This time she was out too late and her roommate reported her. She's never really been safe living in that shithole of a place.

      Thanks for reading and commenting! :)

  9. The leader is very odd especially the way he calls Zinfandel his daughter ....What the hell o.O . He really gave me an uneasy feeling after what he said to Zinfandel, he's so hot and cold like wtf. And he had a lot of nerve yelling at her, Zinfandel is like one of his best residents, she's always trying to do the right thing...He obviously knows that so I'd why he freaked out on her like that, that doesn't seem very pure to me. :P

    I liked Camo's reaction in this chapter, it really shows how paranoid he is and he's still trying to understand this whole relationship thing. He had every right to be jealous considering the fact that Verona hasn't told him about Absolon living with her Yet. Hopefully they will get over this soon, I feel like jealousy is a natural instinct and to be quite honest I might've reacted the same way if I was in his shoes.

    When Verona made all that noise, driving to the bookstore that scared me lol I though there was going to be a car accident or something when I read that :)

    1. Oh yeah, The Leader is odd. The reason he calls Zinfandel his daughter is because he's using that Compound teaching of "we're a family" in a creepy way. Zinfandel is a member, and he says that to make her feel loved, make her feel like she belongs, which it worked, because clearly she liked that he had that accepting look in his eyes. He's hot and cold because he's manipulating Zinfandel. He wanted to scare her into submission, which is why he yelled at her, but then when he saw her submit, he was relieved that she wasn't trying to rebel against him. The Leader is all about control, and the only way his cult will stay together is if he keeps everyone under his thumb.

      Camo was already pissed off from the class, and now he's experiencing jealousy, although he doesn't know what he was feeling. He's never been in a relationship before and he's not understanding a whole lot of how he's feeling or what Verona is doing. They'll hopefully get a chance to talk to each other, perhaps once Camo calms down, we've seen how they usually talk to each other, with complete honesty. Camo does love Verona, even if he doesn't know it yet, and he wouldn't have reacted as strongly as he did if he didn't love her.

      LOL, no, her car is a Lamborghini, so it's just loud when she accelerates. This was before I knew things like actual Sim Lamborghinis were available for download.. *sighs* XD


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